Two Dogs Found in Parville/Carney, Sick Dog Still Lost

A round up of lost & found pets in the Parkville-Overlea area.

Two lost dogs were recently found in the Parkville-Overlea area, according to posts in the lost and found section of Baltimore's craiglist site.

The first, a white, male chihuahua was found in the back yard of a home in Parkville on Sunday morning. The owner is asked to send an email to the address in this craigslist post describing the dog and collar.

Another dog, a male golden retriever, was found near Old Harford Road in Carney on Sunday morning. The craigslist posting asks that the owner call 443-938-1623 to describe the dog.

Finally, a lost sick dog named Mickey is still missing from his Nottingham home in the area of Putty Hill Avenue between the intersections of Walther Boulevard and Avondale Road.

, and he was last seen by neighbors in the area between July 7 and July 22. The owners are chronicling the search for the dog on Facebook.

Anyone with information is asked to call 443-614-4172 or 444-257-2999.

Peg Downes July 24, 2012 at 10:34 PM
There have been many cats dumped in the Glen Arm area. This has to stop. One way to curb this is to make it mandatory to chip every pet. This way people will think twice if they can be linked back to them. It is sad to know that these pets are just discarded, to be killed by traffic, fox, and not to mention that they are out in the elements. Why do people think that it's ok to let cats run. There is two cats on my property that are looking for a home. I have two already that I have taken in from previous dumps. Help!!!!


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