Update: County Saves $1.7 M From Retirements in Five More Departments

More than two dozen employees in the schools system, county Library, Housing, Planning and Social services take advantage of retirement incentive.

Baltmore County will save nearly $1.7 million from retirements in five more county departments.

The majority of the savings, about $773,000, will come from the retirement of 11 Baltimore County Public Schools employees. Retirements in four other departments, totaling 15 employees, will save the county an additional $896,000, according to information released by the county auditor's office.

All of the savings is directly attributable to employees who applied for the county's early retirement incentive program.

That brings the total known savings to about $12.7 million from the early retirement of 200 employees in 12 county agencies.

Savings from Early Retirement Incentive Program

Department Retired Employees Expected Savings Baltimore County Public Library 4 $222,000 Baltimore County Public Schools 11 $773,000 Housing 3 $132,000 Planning 4 $264,000 Social Services 4 $278,000 Total 26 $1,669,000

The additional savings was reported as part of the review of the county's annual budget by the County Council. Earlier this week, Patch reported that the would save the county about $11 million.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced the early retirement incentive last year. County officials hoped to eliminate 200 positions and save about $15 million annually.

More than 600 county employees applied for the retirement incentive. The county approved 310 retirements and estimate the savings will be about $21 million.

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Buzz Beeler May 22, 2012 at 11:42 AM
That is kinda like getting rid of the three colonels because they were doing away with that position. Well not exactly, they just did away with the one's that did not fit into the puzzle palace scheme of things. If you were denied you may want to talk to a lawyer. That decision was made by Fred Homan and I think he may have overstepped his authority. I also think you may see a class action taken down the road.
Trixie Leigh May 22, 2012 at 08:58 PM
The difference here is whether they left WITH the incentive or without the incentive. If they left with the incentive, their positions were eliminated. If they left withOUT the incentive, then the positions can be filled. We already are suffering because we lost a whole lot of talent and many of the ones who are left are clueless. AND, sorry to say, it isn't over! There are many who wanted to leave but couldn't under the incentive, but time will arrive starting in the summer of 2013. We will see a big drop of talent when they leave. These folks were in the "drop" program and people in the the "drop" will be able to collect starting sometime next summer. Hope you don't need any services soon after cause it won't happen! Not quickly anyway. Cause the ones left behind will be too busy learning the job to do anything else. Instead of doing "more with less", we are already doing less with less and even more less with less starting next summer! Don't say I didn't warn you all!
JustiNotherWarmBody May 24, 2012 at 06:04 AM
Trixie Leigh,all the positions that I stated were given the incentive and MOST ALL of them have been REFILLED.I do know a couple of people who applied for the incentive and were turned down.They have retired and/or are going to in June.The sad part is that they did not have the opportunity to earn an extra 5.5% towards there final retirement.They are the ones who don't make that much anyway. You are correct about the lose of some of the more experienced talent and role models.Some of the young & inexperienced people who are PLACED in the above positions DO NOT have a clue on how to treat/motivate people.As they say anyone can be a BOSS but it take a special person to be a LEADER.And I see VERY few leaders among the ones being PLACED in those positions. Trixie,recently moral appears to be very low and a lot of GOOD people have given up. Hopefully you're close enough to retirement that you WON'T have to put up with this situation much longer.
Trixie Leigh May 24, 2012 at 10:54 AM
I am not, however my husband is close to retirement, but wasn't close enough this past year for the incentive. Once he goes, we both will go, sell our Maryland house and head to a state that doesn't tax you to death! Maybe the positions that were filled were filled on a different pay level or scale? The positions eliminated were not to be filled with the same level or pay scale, and if they did, then someone err'd. Moral - I agree is in the pits! Many who I work with said that this is worse than what they went thru when Haden was in office - except that there were no layoffs. This time.
john May 24, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Look at the impact of these changes on the Department of Recreation and Parks. Not having experienced staff in the right places sends the wrong message to program volunteers. Poor decisions, a lack of leadership.....this agency is not meeting the real needs of Baltimore County!


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