Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

It's hurricane season, and we're not too far from the onset of winter.

Hurricane Isaac's battering of the Gulf of Mexico reminds us that Mother Nature can be a nasty lady. A year ago, this area , and it's impossible to forget the impact of

As we know, this area is not immune to power outages. Are you prepared to deal with a hurricane or other disaster if it strikes.

Here are some local places to go to get what you need:

Ace has the basics down pat. There are always plenty of batteries. There are flashlights. There are power cords. There is duct tape. And you know your money is going to support a local, family-owned business. Here's a tip: Sign up for the Ace Rewards card. They send you $5 discount cards frequently, and that can save you some bucks when you stock up.

Here's one place to pick up a gas generator. They also sell plenty of food for your pets, and also will refill your propane tank.

Honda Powersports of CroftonAnother place to get a gas generator. If you head over there, they should be able to walk you through the type of generator you need. Read this page for information on the starting and running wattage requirements. (Remember, it's the starting wattage requirement that matters most.)

Lowe'sI'll admit that when Irene was headed our way last year, I had trouble finding a flashlight anywhere. But Lowe's had some in stock right up until the last moment.

I learned about this place last year after Irene, when I found myself in need of a backup battery for my Verizon FiOS system. This store off Ordnance Road in Glen Burnie is a little tough to find, but has EVERY kind of battery imaginable. It's prices are very good, as well. 

Can you suggest other places to stock up on emergency supplies? Tell us in the comments.

tom September 06, 2012 at 01:13 PM
I consciously keep my perishable food supply minimal during hurricane season. It's nice to have a backup generator and a shame to waste food, but especially with gasoline prices so high, it's usually a cheaper option to forget about trying to keep the food from spoiling. In the winter you generally have the option to move perishable food outdoors (in coolers) and they should keep just fine.
Patrick H. September 06, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Don't forget your bible. Good reading in times of trouble. Thanks for the list.


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