Loch Raven Deli Reboots After Outages

Pastore's has been closed since last week's storms.

Residents looking to restock at  following a week of power outages have been in for disappointment the last few days.

A sign outside the shop on Loch Raven Boulevard tells shoppers that the store is closed due to power troubles.

Speaking to Patch briefly between errands, owner Vince Pastore said the shop, like many residents, had lost power for several days after the devastating storm hit on June 29.

"It's a little rough patch, just like all our neighbors," he said. "But we're getting back on our feet now."

Pastore's shop is usually closed Mondays, giving Pastore a chance to restock. He said, in the brief interview, that the store will open on time on Tuesday.

On the other side of Towson, you'll find some of the most noticeable storm damage at the on York Road, where the storm's violent winds tore off a chunk (the "-ERN") from its front sign. The tavern .

"We were lucky nobody got hit, though," said owner Brian Recher. "It was crazy."

The tavern stayed open through the storm.


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