Parkville's 'Mama Drama' Stars Host Premier Party in Timonium

Watch video from last night's national premier of the new VH1 reality show from Michael's Café.

Two of the stars of VH1's new reality show "Mama Drama" expressed feeling nervous, just two hours to go before last night's 11 p.m. premier.

Parkville's Gina O'Brien and her daughter Marcella Peters packed the bar at —a longtime family favorite—Wednesday night with friends and family for the premier of their new show.

“It’s almost like when you give birth or when you get married," O'Brien said of her nerves.

“Well I haven’t done those things, but I feel like it’s my wedding day," Peters chimed in. "It's like an excitement you can’t explain.”

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Audiences were introduced last night to five exceptionally close mother-daughter pairings, picked to live in a Las Vegas penthouse.

“After a day, you forget the cameras are there, honestly,” Peters said of the experience. “We’re ourselves anyway. We have nothing to hide.”

Peters and O'Brien were shown meeting their housemates with that trademark catty criticism that makes for star quality reality television.

Two of the woman mocked the residents for their signature matching attire, while another insisted that O'Brien be dubbed "Old Gina," after arriving second, who Patch unofficially dubbed "blond Gina."

At the close of the premier, the Parkville mother and daughter said they felt "relieved," despite the tension portrayed in the first episode.

“We’re not as stuck up as it seemed on TV. We’re more down to earth and humble,” Peters, who attended , said.

In another scene, O'Brien and Peters appear more conservative than their hard-partying housemates after Peters insists she always "sips" her shots.

O'Brien says the show is about examining the different parenting styles from mother to daughter, which become especially dicey when set in Sin City.

“I raised her well. I send her off and I just have to trust her,” O'Brien said.

Peters added: “Honestly, we stick together. I don’t really need to wander off. We do everything together. We dance together. We party together. We drink together. We wear the same close, head to toe. Everything, you name it, we do it together.”

O'Brien said the hardest part about the filming process was being away from her Boston Terrier "Kabuki" for so long.

Click on the video to see a scene, in the top right of the footage, from Michael's Café last night.


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