The Barn Renovation Underway, Opening Still Months Off

The mainstay bar near the intersection of Harford and Joppa Roads closed its doors back in July.

Whether you were a regular at The Barn or just stopped by once in a while, one thing is for sure: you wouldn't recognize the inside today.

Gone are tables, chairs, and even the bar itself. Ceilings have been stripped away and floors are being redone, but never fear—current owners Bob and Bobby Rush, a father-son team, will keep the name of the bar they called a "landmark" intact when they reopen.

Bob Rush, who has, along with partner Vernon Boozer, owned the building occupied by The Barn since 1979, said that renovations to the building are major and that a reopening is a "few months" away.

"We're going to take our time and make sure everything gets done right," he said.

When the bar and restaurant reopens, the focus will be on "bar food with a twist," he said.

Curious passersby have stopped by to see what's going on at their beloved bar and, on at least one occasion, have stopped in to make sure it wasn't being demolished.

"We probably get 20 people through here every day asking what's going on," Rush said. "One lady said she thought The Barn was getting knocked down to build a CVS ... now I understand that's happening across the street."

Rush's son, Bobby Rush is the owner and managing partner of the restaurant, and he said that he expects everything will eventually be back to business as usual.

"First we're going to reopen the upstairs while we finish work on downstairs," he said.

The crab house downstairs isn't likely to reopen before the early spring of 2013.

Back in July, The Barn closed its doors for renovation—at the time a partner in the business told Patch that the business had to close due to financial mismanagement.

Rush said that none of the partners involved in that version of The Barn are involved with the new venture.

Shannon October 10, 2012 at 01:30 PM
I don't understand his comment about CVS? There is already a CVS right there!! Why would someone be building another one??
Nick Gestido October 10, 2012 at 07:14 PM
Shannon, Someone must have head about this CVS: http://parkville.patch.com/articles/rezoning-approved-for-new-carney-cvs and thought it was going where The Barn is located. It's not, it's across the street.
Margaret October 10, 2012 at 10:47 PM
Nick we don't need another CVS. If that is the case that is will be across the street then what will happen to the current one in the Mars Shopping Center?
Beth Harris October 12, 2012 at 01:58 AM
We live in the neighborhood. A few months ago, we received a mailing asking for our thoughts on a CVS being built on the vacant southwest corner of that intersection. The developement of so many new mega drugstores is puzzling!
Lillian Condiff October 13, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Interesting how an article about the Barn generates only comments about CVS - let's get back on track and look forward to this Parkville landmark's reopening in the very near future!


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