VIDEO: 'Ball Boys' Talk Super Bowl Predictions, Ravens, Randy Moss & the MVP

The gentlemen of Robbie's First Base in Timonium share their thoughts on the Super Bowl.

The Davis men seldom agree when it comes to sports. And that's the way we like it.

This week, however, they are united in their belief that the Ravens will bring back a Super Bowl trophy to Baltimore.

For the uninitiated, Robbie Davis, Sr. and Robbie Davis, Jr. are the stars of Ball Boys, an ABC pawn-style reality show filmed at their memorabilia shop Robbie's First Base in Timonium. 

Looking around the shop on West Ridgely Road, one could make the argument that the Davis boys could retire on their signed helmets, balls and posters should the Ravens beat San Francisco Sunday.

Patch dropped by the stop Friday to chat with Senior and Junior about the game itself, Randy Moss's controversial comments and who they think will be the Super Bowl MVP.

Just so we have it on the record:

  • Junior says the Ravens win: 27-17
  • Senior says the Ravens win: 21-20

Watch the video above and tell us what you make of the Ball Boys' opinions in the comments section below. Who wins tomorrow? By how much? And who takes home the MVP crown?

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