Visions for Vacancies: Rossville Center

What business would you like to see fill this retail vacancy?

Just next door to on Rossville Boulevard is a vacant commercial space in need of a tenant.

Last week, we asked you what business you thought might be a good fit for the on Harford Road—now we want you to answer the same question about this space in Rossville Center.

The shopping center is located in the 7900 block of Rossville Boulevard, near the intersection with Ridge Road in Fullerton.

The vacancy, a 1,562 square foot retail space, is offered for lease by KLNB/NAI for a rate of $10/square foot, .

What business do you think would be a good fit for this highly trafficked area on Rossville Boulevard?

Cory G July 26, 2012 at 04:26 PM
This looks like a good place for either a record store or a used book store. I don't believe either currently exist in the area.


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