Walgreens Developers Work to Please Neighbors

DMS Development collaborated with Towson Park residents to reduce the new store's impact on the community.


Early in the development of the new York Road Walgreens, Towson Park Community Association president Nancy Pivec didn't have high hopes.

But now, as the new store at the Fairmount Avenue intersection nears completion, she said she and her neighbors are "very pleased" with steps the store's developer has taken to minimize its impact on the community.

The Walgreens, constructed by Towson-based DMS Development, should open in early 2012. The store will be open 24 hours and include a drive-thru pharmacy.

In an interview, Pivec praised DMS president David M. Schlachman, crediting him with going above and beyond the call of duty with improvements to the site and changes to the design.

"His people just bent over backwards for us," she said.

The improvements include a new, metal neighborhood sign, a restored memorial plaque honoring a former resident and a repaved alley. The "T" logo seen on the York Road and Dulaney Valley Road bridges on the Baltimore Beltway make an appearance on the store's fencing. The green space near the corner (where the wooden Towson Park sign once stood) is now landscaped.

In addition, the alley behind the store has been repaved and—at the community's request—the store was built as a one-story building with storage in the basement, unlike most Walgreens stores, which are two stories tall.

"I think that we were very lucky to get so much, to have so much input and have them really cater to Towson Park as a neighborhood," Pivec said.

Schlachman was not available for comment.

Pivec, a Radcliffe Road resident, formed the Towson Park Community Association in 2009, amid the opening of a somewhat controversial new Burger King and an influx of rental housing.

Since then, the Burger King ownership has worked with Pivec, and she said she thinks having a community association helped get a better deal for residents this time around.

She is not as concerned about the increased traffic the store may bring, and thinks that the store will provide a new option beyond the nearby  and Safeway stores.

"I think it'll probably bring prices down at CVS, and a little bit of competition never hurts anyone," Pivec said.

Bill McAllen January 02, 2012 at 11:15 PM
We need a Rite-Aid on the corner where the car wash was located.
Bart January 02, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Meg O'Hare January 03, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Gee when Walgreen came to Carney, MD they could have cared less about the community or its needs. At least they are making an effort now. I believe Walgreen must know something about the impending National Health Care delivery. So many Walgreens that I guess they will replace the current private physician's office to deliver health care to the masses. How personal! Baltimore County does not need 2 pharmacies at each major failing intersection.
David Marks January 03, 2012 at 12:36 PM
I have tried very hard to demolish derelict buildings on York Road; the same developer who built this Walgreens also owns the property where the Junior Press once stood at the Towson Triangle, and bulldozed the graffiti-stained buildings there at my request. As for the section near Carver High School, there is an active effort to redevelop the old car wash site. I can't say by whom, but it is not the county government; the county simply does not have the money right now to be acquiring new properties. But the Walgreens and redevelopment of the car wash site would really clean up this gateway into Towson.
Public Citizen January 09, 2012 at 02:28 PM
I'm delighted that everyone in Towson are happy with the new Walgreens on York Road. Im surprised though that we haven't heard a comment from Councilman Todd Huff. Even though its not the county district he represents if memory serves me correct he is a business owner in the general area. Again if memory serve correct the business he runs used to once occupy the current Walgreens site. So what do you think Mr. Huff?


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