MONDAY'S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE: "Maybe My Workout Can Motivate You!"

I’m often asked what MY WORKOUTS are like. I'm actually shocked at the amount of interest there appears to be in the “private world” of MY workouts and nutrition habits...

I’m often asked what MY WORKOUTS are like. I’m honestly quite surprised how truly interested so many of my clients, friends, class participants and peers seem to be about what goes on in the “private world” of MY workouts and nutrition habits.

You know, I guess it makes sense. A curiosity of how I torture myself when the lights are low, when all the crowds have gone and there’s no one there to police ME! Just me, myself and I and my own motivation to get the job done!

Well, I’ll be completely honest. I tend to KILL IT! Yeah, it’s my job and I take it very seriously. There’s a trend now days of trainers and fitness Instructors who seem a little, oh, "less than fit?" But I've already attacked that topic before in a rather aggressive article—so we're moving on from that thought... for now!

SO you're interested? OK—here it is. I've been asked so many times that I've actually posted a workout of mine here once before; however to appease our newest inquisitive readers, this is what I put myself through on one of my typical training days last week.

Of course I also did another day of nothing but extended cardio that consisted of spinning for an hour and 45 minutes. On another, kickboxing took center stage for a solid killer cardio hour—followed by nothing but weights for another solid, uninterrupted hour and 15  and so on. It's always changing and that's the key to a ripped physique, experiencing less injuries and developing a well rounded sense of balance and  strength.

I did this workout in my home gym, which I LOVE but I'm also often found doing my workouts at my local health club or in one of my client’s well-equipped gyms. In order to get the job done, I often play "Let's Make a Deal" with them—"Yes I'll train you and your husband back-to-back EARLY Wednesday and Friday mornings but if I need to, may I stay and get my workout in before heading out for the rest of the day?" The answer has always been a kind, resounding, "YES Candace, you bet." As you can see truly, if there's a will, there's always a way and whatever you do, don't attempt to tell me otherwise my friends because that would be called "Barking Up The Wrong Tree!"

The following was my workout for a day when "upper body" was due to be done and cardio is always a given necessity as well. Hope this somehow inspires you, however; "DON'T NECESSARILY TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS, UNLESS YOU DARE!" (PS. All weight training during this session was done without rest and with a vengeance, as if someone is chasing me… is there any other way? Well of course there is, but for my goals, it’s the PERFECT EQUATION).

Run, One mile... speed 7.1, Jump off... Lat pull downs, Heavy-Rotation seated Bicep curls, 20 Lbs. dumbbells seated on ball, roll out to bridge on ball for Tricep nose breakers. Over to the decline bench and 30 rep. ab curl.

Run—Mile Two… all same speed. (a nice and sweaty 8 1/2-min mile). Back to same series of weights,

Run—Mile Three… repeat all weights again. THEN, a fourth set of all without the mile in between. Four sets down, back, bi, tri, abs and three miles completed. NEXT SERIES.

RUN—Mile 4… Reverse fly, Tricep pull downs, Bicep curls (from a bottom pulley. heavy), to a bent-over, Lower Lat row exercise. Hit the floor, reverse curl abs, 25/30 reps.

RUN—Mile 5… REPEAT last series,

RUN—Mile 6… REPEAT same series again. THEN, a fourth set of all without the mile in between. Four sets down again, 2 back exercises, and again bi, tri, abs.

Finally three more sets biceps (standing switch curls) and triceps (Double kick backs with hard anchored tubing... STANDING ON ONE LEG – fun- fun-fun) back-and-forth between the two and then... I'm DONE!

WORKOUT SUMMARY: 6 Miles cardio Total.

12 sets (of three different exercises) on back, 12 sets(of three different exercises) on biceps, 12 sets(of three different exercises )on triceps, NO CHEST TODAY (too sore from previous days push ups)… and 200 reps hard abs.

Total time. ! 1 hour, 55 minutes. Close enough to say two hours flat.

Just another day, just another workout in the life of a fitness professional and professional athlete. Hey, you could think it lame and if so—let me ask you this "What was your workout yesterday?"

My hope here is to motivate you. I hope to inspire you enough, just enough, so that whatever it was that you'd set your mind to do earlier today.....that you'll just GO DO IT! You will never be sorry for following through.

Whatever you look to for inspiration: Let that ignite your motivation.

Until Next Time, 




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