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This is a follow up to my last blog Got Questions.

Okay...well...Since my last post on why bad things happen to good people, I have been faced with that question head on and up close and personal! As I write this, I'm typing with one finger. Why? On June 10th, after enjoying a wonderful motorcycle ride with good friends, we returned to their house to cool off in the pool and have dinner.  My cell phone rang and I got out of the pool to answer it only to find out that sister was being taken to the hospital. As I turned to tell my husband that we needed to leave, I lost my footing and fell off the deck, landing face first on the concrete patio. My feet never left the deck, so my upper body absorbed all of my weight as I slammed the concrete.  I felt my face bounce off the patio and was immediately aware that things were broken in my body and I could not move, well at least I didn't want to.


As my friends and husband rushed to my side, I later learned that my husband expected to find my nose or jaw broken, with lots of blood. However, I have come to recognize that God must have put his hands around my face since I didn't have so much as a scratch. My arms didn't fare so well. My right arm was dislocated and broken in four places and the radial joint in the left arm was fractured in three places.  After arriving by ambulance at Upper Chesapeake Hospital, numerous x-rays, and reduction of the dislocation, I was informed by the orthopedic surgeon that the injuries to my arms were too severe to handle there and that I would need to be treated by Shock Trauma surgeons. I left the hospital, both arms casted, and completely helpless.


Upon my return home, my husband and daughter in tow, I was surprised when one of my best friends arrived wearing pajamas and carrying an overnight bag. She was here to stay, and be my hands for the following day. This was the beginning of the many blessings that would be poured out on me and my family.


My initial reaction to my fall was, "Why me God?" But as quick as that thought entered my mind, I knew that God would teach me something through all of this. The first blessing I recognized was right after the fall. I'm sure that shock played a part, but I felt such a complete peace about what was happening. I knew whole heartedly that God was in control and would be in control through the whole situation!! I never shed a tear.


The next blessing I recognized  was with my daughter, Amanda. She and I have always had a "good" relationship, but it has always been strained. She and I are so much alike that we tend to butt heads. From the moment she arrived at the hospital, she jumped in with both feet to help me and her Dad, handling all the medical arrangements and helping to dress, feed, bathe, and care for me. I witnessed a level of compassion radiate through her that made me realize her love for me. My sons in the same way have supported and helped without question or frustration in any way they can.


Another example of blessings I have witnessed have been through my friends and church family. My family has received meals prepared for everyday since this has occurred. My friends have put their lives on hold to come and stay with me and watch my grandchildren. Cards of get well blessings have flooded my mail box. They have truly been my hands and the hands and feet of Jesus!!


One of the greatest blessings has been my husband, Chuck. He has exemplified his marriage vows, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. He has been called upon to assist me in activities no man would find comfortable, yet he has done so without question or frustration. I have always known he loved me, but in all of this I have come to realize just how much.


These are the blessings that have come in this tragedy, but with all blessings there is a lesson to learn. I have been taught several lessons in this. Firstly, Humility. When you are rendered helpless, unable to do for yourself, pride needs to find a place on a shelf. God has taught me through this that it is okay to let others do for you the things you can't do for your self, no matter how embarrassing. Secondly, I've learned to be more patient with myself and with others. And thirdly, I have learned to allow others to serve me. As hard as it is to sit back and allow others to do things for me, I know that we are each called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and it would be selfish of me to prevent them from experiencing the joy of serving.


I've had surgery and my recovery will be long, but I am comforted knowing that I have so many friends and family selflessly giving all they have for me. Satan can try and tell me that I am undeserving of such love, but my God tells me different. So, instead of asking "why?" I'm choosing to look for the blessings and learn from the lessons. And maybe one day when i meet my Savior in Heaven, I'll ask him  "Why?".


Until next time, I'm not asking "Why". GODS GOT IT!!!!

God Bless,



P.S. My sister had pneumonia and is doing much better! I think I win though, as two broken elbows trumps pneumonia!

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