Safety Improvements Planned for Seven Courts Drive

At my request, Baltimore County will improve Seven Courts Drive near the senior center to slow down traffic. The project should be done by Memorial Day.

I am pleased to announce that the Department of Public Works will reconstruct part of Seven Courts Drive to slow traffic in the area between the senior center and elementary school. 

The county will install a brick island with a pedestrian crossing at the part of Seven Courts Drive between the Seven Oaks Senior Center and the Seven Courts common area.  The county will then reconfigure Seven Courts Drive between the Weis Market shopping center and the traffic circle so there is a two-way center turn lane, a single eastbound and westbound lane, and parking lanes on either side of Seven Courts Drive. The existing pavement markings will be removed, with new lanes designated with reflective paint.

The parking lanes will have the added benefit of increasing safety for those who park for events at Seven Oaks Elementary School or Seven Oaks Senior Center during the week.  During the weekend when there is less activity, they can be used as bike lanes.

The project will cost $10,000 and be finished by Memorial Day.

This stretch of Seven Courts Drive was the site of a hit-and-run that killed local resident Beverly Moore in January 2012.   I have also received numerous complaints about speeding along Seven Courts Drive over the past two years.   Several cars that belong to nearby residents have been hit along this stretch of Seven Courts Drive.

Seven Courts Drive is one of the busiest corridors in Perry Hall, but unfortunately, it was never designed with pedestrians in mind.  Since the hit-and-run incident, I have pushed for improvements that will slow down traffic. I think these changes will help.

I actively consulted with the Perry Hall Improvement Association about the need for these improvements.  I would like to thank Dennis Robinson, the President of the Perry Hall Improvement Association, as well as PHIA Vice President Jack Amrhein for testifying before the Baltimore County Planning Board on behalf of the PHIA to advocate for these measures.   I would also like to thank the County Executive and Department of Public Works for their support.

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Evets February 24, 2013 at 02:06 AM
@Mike Fisher: " I always use my signals when there are cars around me, " How about when pedestrians or bicycles are around you? Or how about that car in the driveway waiting to enter the street? Why not use a turn signal every time you are turning or changing lanes? Are you worried that the bulb will wear out?
Mike Fisher March 30, 2013 at 08:40 PM
..and here is a great example of one major reason people don't obey traffic laws. I just got home from getting gas and I was coming down Joppa road. I was sitting at the light for Joppa and Seven Courts and was headed up to Magelet because I would rather just avoid the speed nazis on seven courts. Anyway, a police officer pulled up behind me while I was sitting at this light and when it turned green, I changed lanes to get around the slower traffic and was going about 43 mph because I'm just that confident that cop would do nothing and he didn't. I even hit 45mph and he was behind me and did nothing. Not only that, when the traffic spaced out, he flew around me and started weaving around traffic. No lights, no sirens and he was going close to 50 mph. This is cruising speed for cops, folks and after years and years of people seeing this, is it any wonder people don't respect traffic laws? Cops are the law and they don't even follow the law, however, the speeds are not unsafe. The weaving however, is. Speeding without weaving is not unsafe and this is why I say speeding is only dangerous if it's coupled with something else. This is a perfect example of that and it's also an example of the speed limits BEING TOO LOW! Stop trying to slow people down and get with the times. Even the cops agree, I see it all the time.
AngryBird May 07, 2013 at 02:22 PM
Mike, I agree with you on this. I live in Oakhurst and think this new traffic pattern is ridiculous. I personally believe it will only make things worse in this area. Every child at Seven Oaks Elm gets bus service to and from school and has for many years, there are no walkers. Even children who live on Hapsburg, the next street over have bus service. The center turn lane has been created on parts of seven courts that you can't even make a left turn because there is no street to turn on to! The bike lane is not going to keep the idiot kids from riding their bikes/skateboards in the middle of the street. Nor is the new traffic pattern going to deter the drunks from driving.
AngryBird May 07, 2013 at 02:32 PM
we can't get parking pads in our yards to alleviate the parking problem on our street which would not cause a traffic flow issue, or danger, but it's ok to completely reconfigure a main road with high traffic volume...
Mike Fisher May 07, 2013 at 02:53 PM
The new layout is completely ridiculous. All it does is squeeze traffic into a tighter spot. I think it's going to cause more accidents and I think it's going to make the area even more hazardous for pedestrians. This change was completely unnecessary and completely lacked vision. This was the great idea? Completely ridiculous and unnecessary. I guess I will be taking Magelet, Hines and Joppa road more often to get back to my house just to avoid the beginning of seven courts. It's more dangerous with the new layout than it's ever been. There was a reason the street was designed that way and the relatively low incidence of accidents and pedestrian problems proved they were right with the initial design. These changes will cause problems that never existed before, just watch. There was no good reason to do this and it looks horrible. How long before a head on collision in the turn lane I wonder? Horrible planning, horrible vision and horrible execution on a horrible idea.


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