'Bring on Brady' Band Releases New Ravens Video

When we posted the first video, Patch commenters identified the band's guitarist as a member of a band that played at The Barn. Watch their Super Bowl themed Ravens video.

First it was "Bring On Brady" but, with the AFC Championship locked up and the Super Bowl less than a week away, once again Matt Robins has uploaded a Ravens-themed cover song to YouTube.

Last time around Robins, his wife Sarah, and dad Stan Robins, came up with an inventive cover of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Now they take on Fun.'s "Some Nights" with a Baltimore twist.

Check out the cover in the video attached to this article. Lyrics are posted below.

When we posted the first video a couple weeks ago .

Though the entire family lives in Salisbury these days, Stan was formerly the guitarist for local band Crash Davenport who frequently played at The Barn in the early-to-mid 80's.

"That is Stan alright! I'm his brother Bart, former drummer. Stan's son, Matthew crafted these lyrics and is playing the congo drum. His wife, Sarah, is singing. Stan and I have very fond memories of our days with Crash Davenport at the Barn!" wrote Patch commenter Bart Robins.

"Yeah, Crash was great.... with Wright (Pig) on Sax, then Ted and Stan on guitar, but who else but Bart could open an Eddie & The Cruisers song by playing drums with their tennis shoes! Someone out there has to have video of them to post on Youtube. Let us know!!! I have never seen anything," wrote commenter LT. "Thanks Matt & Sarah for stirring up happy memories!"

Check out the lyrics to the song below:

Some nights I made excuses for our bad luck
Some nights I cursed the bad calls
Some nights I wished that the media respect us
Some nights I wished they'd just turn off
But we suited up, exorcized our ghosts
Oh Lord, we always know what we play for
What do we play for? What do we play for?
Tonight we are all Baltimore...

This is it, Ravens, this is war- what we've been waiting for
But we can't celebrate already
Flacco's not one to create hype-but he's proving himself right
Works just as hard and is half as liked, three games-without-a pick and eight touchdowns...

Opens eyes
Gonna leave it on the field tonight
We've come too close for squandering Ray's last dance, Ray's last dance,
Ray's last d-a-ance, oh Ray's last ride. M-m, M-m

Well tonight is when all the doubting ends
It's time to prove that our luck can change
And tonight is for all our veterans
Tonight they get their win
'Cause we suited up, exorcized our ghosts
Oh Lord, we always know who we play for
We are the Ravens! We are the Ravens!
Tonight we will show you

So this is it, we've persevered for this
Played through injuries for this
We buried family through this
So, when the game starts, when the game starts we play for Art
When we hear this song... We all stand as one Go Ravens...
Go Ravens...
Go Ravens...
Go Ravens......

This is it, Ravens, let's play ball -- sixty minutes till confetti drop
Twelve years for this I know Charm City can understand
Get it done for the folks back home, 'Cuz we all believe and it's time to show
We're the Ravens and we won't go off quietly into the night

We'll get a ring for Sizzle, for Boldin, Birk, and Reed
'Cuz when you look into the Lion's eyes
Man, you would believe the most amazing things that we've overcome...
To get to tonight....

In December no one would believe the dream that we had could ever succeed
We proved them wrong, I know they'd agree

No weapon formed against us
No weapon formed against us
No weapon formed against us
No weapon formed against us

Do you have your own Ravens song uploaded to YouTube? Send us an email at baltimorecountymd@patch.com.

Melissa M January 29, 2013 at 08:49 PM
John Doe January 29, 2013 at 09:01 PM
I applaud them for the time & effort they put into this. But, "this is war", "exorcized our ghosts", "we buried family through this", "no weapon formed against us" - we are still talking about a football game, right?
MIL January 29, 2013 at 11:59 PM
John, a Ravens fan would remember that Torrey Smith's brother was killed in a motorcycle accident at the beginning of the season, and Ed Reed's brother was found dead a year or so ago. So, I guess some of our boys in purple have "buried family through this."
Carol January 30, 2013 at 02:04 PM
I think its great!
Caryn January 30, 2013 at 02:53 PM
In addition to MIL, Art Model passed away at the start of the season and many in the Ravens organization have said they thought of him as family. "No weapon formed against us" is the scripture that Ray Lewis has repeated during this playoff season. "Exorcised our ghosts" could be interpreted as a poetic way of saying the team has overcome the AFC loss to the Pats last year, as well as other past attempts at getting to the Super Bowl the last five years.
John Doe January 30, 2013 at 03:24 PM
I am not discounting any of your points - but it is still just a football game, actually, it is borderline entertainment nowadays. It just seems a bit deep for a game. I do hope the Ravens win, so it is nothing against the team.


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