Positive Parenting: How to Deal with A Whiny Kid

If your child is becoming more of a whiner, here are a few tips on how to deal with it.

What is it about whining that sends parents over the edge? And what can a parent do to positively alleviate the whining problem? 

Parents everywhere have dealt with a whining child. Whether it's about a toy, a television show or about not getting his or her way in general, whining is one of those recurring issues of parenthood that leaves many feeling frazzled.

Tots and preschoolers have a low tolerance for frustration. As a result, they seek the perfect way to get and maintain the attention of their parents by whining. It's nerve wracking, but when your child whines, try to take that negative and turn it into a positive.

It will be tough, especially at those times when you’ve had a bad day and the last thing that you want to come home to is whining. But that is the unfortunate reality for many parents.

What can you do about it?

One of the things to cut down on your child’s whining is to keep your cool and get clever.

Try creative approaches to cut back on the whining—at least one mom suggested using a "whine cup" (or bowl) to send kids away with. The idea is to have the child pour the figurative whining out of the cup and replace that whining with a normal voice.

Another clever tactic that will help you keep your cool is whispering.  Not only does it ensure that you won’t raise your voice, it can also entice your child to lose his or her whiny tone and imitate the vocal pitch that they hear from you. It's a great tactic to consider when dealing with whining. 

Yet another tip is to have a whine room or corner where you can send your child when he or she begins to whine. One of the most innovative tactics is to have a piggy bank set up for whining. Each time that your child whines, then the child has to pay a penny, nickel, dime or a quarter for his or her behavior and then offer that money to charity. 

These are good ways to head off the whining without losing your sanity.

Handling the whining problem as effectively and positively as possible is important. One of the main things to do, aside from staying positive, is to get innovative in your approach to handling it. Take a moment, and a deep breath, and think of a creative resolution.

As hard as it can be at times, keeping a positive disposition will inevitably have the best impact on resolving the whining challenge.


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