Judge To Decide Accused Perry Hall Shooter's Charges Wednesday

A hearing to decide whether adult charges against 15-year-old Robert Gladden will be changed to juvenile charges has been rescheduled for Jan. 30.

Following multiple postponements, a hearing to determine the state of charges against 15-year-old Robert W. Gladden, Jr. has been scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 30, State's Attorney for Baltimore County Scott Shellenberger announced on Tuesday. 

Gladden is accused of opening fire inside Perry Hall High School's cafeteria on the first day of school and seriously injuring another student. He was charged as an adult with nine counts of first-degree attempted murder, among other charges, in the Aug. 27 incident.

Due to delays in holding a juvenile waiver hearing, the beginning of Gladden's criminal trial has also been rescheduled from Jan. 30 to Feb. 19. 

During the juvenile waiver hearing, Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Robert Cahill, Jr. will make a final decision on whether Gladden will continue to be charged as an adult or be tried as a juvenile. If tried as a juvenile, Gladden could face significantly less jail time and media scrutiny, Baltimore County Assistant State's Attorney John Cox previously confirmed.

Cox said he plans to continue to argue that Gladden be tried in adult court, but added that the judge will factor age and available treatment programs into his decision. 

Investigators said Gladden brought a disassembled double-barrel shotgun and a bottle of vodka to school in his backpack on Aug. 27. During the first scheduled lunch, he allegedly randomly opened fire in the cafeteria, striking and seriously injuring 17-year-old special needs student Daniel Borowy. Staff members stopped the attack by tackling Gladden and holding him until he was arrested, police said.

The incident caused a national outcry and several charitable and memorial events followed.

Months after the shooting, Gladden remains at the Baltimore County Detention Center, Cox said. He appeared in a bail review hearing in September, but was denied bail pending a mental evaluation. A new bail review hearing was not scheduled.

Gladden was formerly represented by both Columbia attorney Clarke Ahlers and Lutherville attorney George Psoras. Ahlers's office confirmed, however, that he is no longer involved in the case.

Psoras's office was not immediately available for comment on Gladden's juvenile waiver hearing.

Days after the shooting, Psoras told the Associated Press that Gladden was a victim of bullying and never intended to harm other students when he brought a gun to school.

Police previously denied these claims, announcing that bullying was not believed to be a factor and that Gladden acted deliberately.

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Eric Martin January 31, 2013 at 02:24 AM
If Gladden is reverse-waived to juvenile court, he will be given a detention hearing before a juvenile court master. In all likelyhood Gladden will be sent to the Charles H Hickey School until his juvenile adjudication(trial). If found responsible he would most likely be committed to the Dept of Juvenile Services for placement in a juvenile treatment facility. This placement could last until he is 21. It would be up to the juvenile master reviewing his case to make that determination as to the length of commitment. The treatment program selected would be appropriate for his needs, age, and security concerns.
JD1 January 31, 2013 at 04:36 AM
It's not about him - its about protecting us!
Rick January 31, 2013 at 07:13 PM
ok why dont u all stop bickering i am one of bobbys peer i know him VERY well but he never talked or showed signs of this. yes he came into the cafeteria n fired and shot bowory then wassamer interveened n the gun fired again so really SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BICKERING ABOUT IT i bet none of u care that he has been locked away for about 5 months now n i swear if anyone says sumthin vulgar n durogatory towards me ur a pussy cuz ur behind a screen
Katelyn Randall February 01, 2013 at 05:24 AM
I go to school at Perry Hall and was there the day of the shooting. I said hi to Daniel that morning when he was walking into school. I had met Bobby before. His eyes are dark. You look at him and its like no ones home. He doesnt have a conscience. He doesnt have any guilt. He went into the school that day to take lives. I dont think he can rehabilitated. Theres no chance. Look this kid in the eye then tell me he can change, because one look is all its gonna take. He deserves to rot away in that cell not only for what he did, but for what he planned to do. Hes been dreaming of shooting up a school since he was 10 according to his diary. What does that show you? Im a different person because of that day and so is every single kid that was in that school and every teacher or administrator there. Theres no hope for him and to be honest, i dont want there to be. I hope you can respect my opinion.
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