PHOTOS: Baltimore County Police Department Promotes 19 Officers

The ceremony took place at Oregon Ridge Park on Monday morning.


The promoted 19 officers at a ceremony in Cockeysville on Monday morning.

and addressed the audience prior to the swearing-in of the officers.

Johnson noted that this particular promotion ceremony was especially significant to him because it followed a challenging year for the department. About a quarter of the after the county council passed an

"These are our friends, we will miss them," Johnson said. "But this is no time for pessimism and regret."

administered the oath of office to the officers being promoted and Baltimore County Police Chaplain Reverend Paul Palazzi delivered the invocation and benediction.

Other notable attendants included Baltimore County Council members , and

The following officers were promoted at the ceremony, which took place in the Conference Center at

Major to Colonel

  • Joseph Burris (Administrative and Technical Services Bureau)
  • Peter Evans (Operations Bureau)

Sergeant to Lieutenant

  • Deanna Chemelli (Operations Bureau)
  • Orlando Lilly (Pikesville Precinct)

Corporal to Sergeant

  • Brian Brewer (Pikesville Precinct)
  • Michael Brooks (Wilkens Precinct)
  • Donald Chambers (Woodlawn Precinct)
  • Shane Henschen (Operations Bureau)
  • Robert Marley (North Point Precinct)
  • Thomas Stetson (Administrative and Technical Services Bureau)
  • Michael Toni (Woodlawn Precinct)

Officer to Corporal

  • John Bondura (Cockeysville Precinct)
  • Jeffrey Dvorak (North Point Precinct)
  • Bryan Fraim (Pikesville Precinct)
  • Matthew German (Essex Precinct)
  • Jeremy Gryctz (Communications Center)
  • Izaac Hester (Woodlawn Precinct)
  • Matthew Lehto (Pikesville Precinct)
  • Gregory Sheets (Essex Precinct)
Buzz Beeler March 13, 2012 at 03:18 AM
jack, I'm glad you said it first. Regarding your question concerning "What is a similar position to Colonel?", the answer to that question is what ever they want it to be. The original plan was to eliminate the colonels all together, thus doing away with the position. You are familiar with the names of the three who are no longer there. Technically there is one still there, in rank only. They left because they were told their position was being eliminated and they would be demoted. Now under the convoluted county process it was first written that a similar or equal position must be eliminated if you are going to promote. You see where this is going. That was the party line in disposing of the existing colonels, that is until the wording of the new precise document which now allows them to add a high ranking, high paying position by illuminating any other position, such as a clerk, or bottle washer. So was it a ruse to force out the other colonels? My answer would be yes. I'll let you finish the rest so the folks know who the new colonels are in relationship to the scheme of things.


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