Burglars Fail to Break Through Walls in Attempted Heist

Police said burglars tried to bust through the wall of one now-vacant North Plaza business into another.

Baltimore County police arrived at North Plaza around 7 a.m. Wednesday after reports of a break-in at the former location of a store.

Why would burglars want to get inside a vacant building? Police said they wanted to bust through the wall into a neighboring store.

After burglars pried open the door of the former Fashion Bug, which is not alarmed, they tried to cut through the walls to get into the neighboring business, according to a police report.

A wall inside the men's restroom was cut open but revealed only another wall. Burglars then tried to cut through the wall in the women's restroom but were not able to get into Ross from that point because of a metal grate inside the targeted store.

Still refusing to give up, burglars tried to get into Ross through the ceiling of the Fashion Bug, the police report showed.

Ultimately they were unable to get inside and nothing was stolen.

Police said they are continuing to investigate the break-in, but currently do not have a suspect.


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