Parkville Man Arrested, Charged in ATM Robberies

Police say a 21-year-old Parkville man is responsible for robbing two people while they used a Harford Road ATM.

Police have arrested a man and charged him with a pair of robberies at a Harford Road ATM in January.

Brandon Dillon Raines, 21, was arrested and charged with robbery, two counts of second-degree assault, one count of theft less than $1,000 and one count of theft less than $100 in connection with the robbery of two individuals on Jan. 19, police said. 

The arrest was made at Raines' home in the 8300 block of Harford Road around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, said Detective Cathy Batton, a Baltimore County police spokeswoman.

In January two people were robbed while they used the ATM at the branch in the 8200 block of Harford Road. A man was robbed shortly after noon on Jan. 19. And, later that night, after 10:30, a woman was robbed.

Batton said that an additional set of charges had been filed against Raines, stemming from a search warrant executed at his home on Feb. 29.

Raines was also charged with three counts of possession of paraphernalia, one count of possession of marijuana and one count of drug possession with intent to distribute.

Raines is being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center on the first set of charges. Batton said that Raines is also being held on $25,000 bond on the second set of charges.

"If you’re being held without bail you’re just not going to post bail on the second count usually," Batton said.

CarneyGirl March 06, 2012 at 12:52 AM
why did you go and delete your comment above to my original posting? I guess you didn't like my second response? Too smart for you!
Snake March 06, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Like I said in my original post, Its a good thing we have a court system that decides and not the court of public opinion. I have not said either way what I believe. I believe I do not know him or anything about the case so to presume guilt or innocents would be silly of me. People can change. Thats why I said IF he did it I am glad he was caught and IF he did not I hope he does not get hurt. I think what you read here is peoples frustration at the increasing levels of crime in the area. Judging from your comments I believe your a friend of his. Realize frustrated people are sick of criminals preying on people. Its not personal to them on the same level it is to you in this case. It is not a personal attack on your friend even though it sounds like it.
Truth March 06, 2012 at 04:01 AM
I am also sick of criminals preying on people and feel the same frustration. I feel that people are being blinded by their own frustration and anger and saying very slanderous things about Brandon without being fully informed. It is very frustrating to see people so full of hatred and blaming him because of his past. His past is his past and yes it speaks volumes, but things are never as they seem. It would be very foolish of me to defend someone who has some sort of past history if I did not know for sure what kind of person they are. It is almost impossible to convince people that he is not a “drug dealer” or a “robber” due to their frustration and anger. People need to understand the things they say can follow a person and no matter how hard they try to bring themselves up it pulls them back down. When he is pronounced innocent what happens to him? Everyone will move on to something new while he is left picking up the pieces. It almost does not matter if he is guilty or innocent people will still think the same because they are stuck in their own ways. This is not directed towards any one person, but directed towards all.
CarneyGirl March 10, 2012 at 10:50 PM
so is he still in jail or is he out?
John Smith March 13, 2012 at 06:14 AM
This has got to be Bullshit!! I used to work at the place he worked at and knew this kid on a pretty personal level!! I really don't think this kid was out robbing anyone. They do say 5' 9" and he is short as shit too. maybe he is a pothead IDK but seriously think to think that he could rob anyone is kinda a joke he is so small!!!


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