Parkville Man Arrested in Connection with Car Break-ins

Police arrested a 19-year-old and charged him with breaking into three cars on Woodside Avenue.

A 19-year-old Parkville man is being held on $20,000 bond at the Baltimore County Detention Center after he was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges of breaking into cars.

At 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, police received a report of a suspicious person opening car doors along Woodside Avenue, according to Baltimore County police spokeswoman Cathy Batton.

Officers responded to the scene and found someone matching the suspect's description and connected him to entering two vehicles in the 3200 block of Woodside Avenue and a third vehicle in the 3000 block of Woodside Avenue.

The man had stolen $1.21 from one of the vehicles, nothing was found missing from the other two.

According charging documents, David Weglin of the 9200 block of Kingstree Road in Carney was arrested and charged with three counts of rogue and vagabond, a misdemeanor charge related to breaking into vehicles that carries a maximum penalty of 3 years in jail, and one count of theft less than $100.

Shortly before the arrest was made, a Parkville precinct community outreach officer sent an email to Patch and area residents warning them about an increase in thefts from cars in the area.

The text of the e-mail, including tips to prevent this type of crime, follows:

"The theft of valuables from a vehicle and the theft of the vehicle itself can happen at any place and any time. Thieves will break into any vehicle if they think there is something of value to be stolen.  Valuables left in plain view include cellphones, GPS, CD's, cash, purses, etc.

Theft from auto and auto theft can be prevented by following some basic crime prevention tips:

  • Always lock your car doors and close your windows completely.
  • Always park in well-lit areas or in garages.
  • Never leave your car running.
  • Do not leave valuables in plain view, no matter where you park. Hide them under a covering or lock them in your trunk or bring them into the house at night.
  • When transporting valuables, place them in the trunk before you get to your destination. Don't transfer them at the parking space.
  • Mark valuables with a state ID number to increase chances of having property returned if it is stolen. Record the make, model and serial number of these items and keep the list at home.
  • If using valet service, leave only the ignition key with the attendant.
  • If residential parking consists of driveway and/or curbside parking, consider security lighting from dusk to dawn as an inexpensive crime prevention method.
  • Call 911 immediately to report a theft or suspicious activity (persons or vehicles). Provide police with a description of the suspects and their vehicle if it is known or observed."


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