Residents Voice Traffic Concerns at PCRC Meeting

Parkville's Police Community Relations Council met Tuesday at Christus Victor Lutheran Church.

After settling into a new location in January, Parkville's Police Community Relations Council held their February meeting Tuesday night.

About 23 residents turned out to interact with officers from Parkville precinct including commander Capt. Gordon Skinner, community outreach officer Sgt. Dottie Dupree, and traffic division officer Derek Donovan.

Attendees also heard a special presentation from Al Davilla, a Coast Guard reservist with the Coast Guard Investigative Service assigned to the Joint Terrorism Taskforce.

Captain's Report

Skinner told the group that things had been "relatively quiet" in the precinct over the past week — there have only been three reported burglaries and one reported burglary. No vehicles have been stolen in the precinct since Feb. 21.

Parkville resident Jeanne Tebera asked Capt. Skinner about an incident where two individuals

"Has there been any progress on the case where two people were robbed in the same day while using an ATM at the on Harford Road?" Tebara asked.

Skinner responded that he "feels confident" that detectives are close to catching the culprit, but would not say anything further.

There has been a trend with regard to robberies in the precinct over the past month, Skinner told the group.

"The Royal Farms store on Harford Road and Old Harford Road have been robbed by a black male, who displayed a silver handgun," Skinner said, referring to incidents that occurred on Jan. 22 and Feb. 2.

"There have been several robberies" where a suspect matching the description from those incidents robbed conevenience stores in Baltimore County, including incidents in Towson and Pikesville, Skinner said.

The captain also told those in attendance that there was not any new information in the death of Michael Truluck, a student killed when he fell from a moving vehicle earlier this month; and that the area had gone on to the State's Attorney's Office.

Traffic Issues

Carney resident Steve Hobbs pointed out to Officer Donovan that there are serious speeding issues along Erie and Superior Avenues and two residents raised an issue about speeding on Harford Road near Joni Court.

Other attendees told Donovan they've seen an issue with tractor trailers being parked in a residential area overnight on Dunfield Road near Walther Boulevard.

Meg O'Hare, president of the Carney Improvement Association, thanked Officer Donovan for work he did on Summit Avenue.

"He came to a Carney Improvement Association Meeting, and I told him there was an issue with traffic on Summit Avenue. [He came out and] issued citations [then] called me to give me a report on what he’d done," O'Hare said. "I really appreciate that."

Bull Roast

The annual Police Community Relations Councils bull and oyster roast will be held at the American Legion hall on Putty Hill Avenue in Parkville, PCRC president Rolfe Feser told the group.

The event will be held Sept. 22 from 7 p.m.-12 a.m. and tickets, which are on sale now, cost $35 or $40 at the door.

March Town Hall Meeting

The Parkville Police Community Relations Council's March meeting will serve as a town hall forum — president Rolfe Feser and treasurer Pat Crum said that Councilman David Marks, Coucilwoman Cathy Bevins, and Councilman Todd Huff will be invited to attend along with Larry Simmons, a representative from County Executive Kevin Kamenetz's office.

The meeting will be held at in Carney at 7 p.m. Mar. 27.

"That’s why we’re here, we have interest in the community—if you have an issue come in, talk about it, make it known," said Feser. "Next month we'll have political representatives involved in county politics here; maybe they can offer some insight, maybe they can do something for us if they want to get elected next time."


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