Rosedale Woman Indicted In McDonald's Transgender Assault

An 18-year-old faces assault, hate crime charges.

(UPDATED 7:30 p.m.) A Baltimore County circuit court grand jury indicted Teonna Monae Brown on assault and hate crime charges in connection with last month's attack on a transgendered woman at a McDonald's in Rosedale.

The jury issued the indictment Monday morning, according to the Baltimore County State's Attorney's office.

Brown, 18, and a 14-year-old girl were each arrested and charged in the April 18 attack on Chrissy Polis, a transgendered woman who was using a bathroom at a Rosedale McDonald's.

Prosecutors have said that no one else will be charged in connection with the incident.

A video of the assault went viral on YouTube, receiving hundreds of thousands of hits in the week that followed and spawning a rally in support of the victim at the fast-food restaurant on Kenwood Avenue.

Brown was also indicted on charges involving Vicky Thoms, the 55-year-old Rosedale resident who tried to stop the attack.

A trial date has not yet been set.

The news of a hate crime indictment was welcomed by Polis' family, who said she is slowly healing and trying to get her life back in order.

Matthew Polis, Chrissy's twin brother, said indicting Brown with a hate crime was the rght decision. He added he has Chrissy living with a friend of his and she is doing better in the weeks following the attack.

"Justice needs to be served in this case," Matthew Polis said. "Chrissy is doing better and time heals all wounds. We just want to see those that did this attack to be punished."

barry batson May 17, 2011 at 02:31 PM
As a black man i feel no pain for her, she acted like an animal and deserved to be locked up think about it the victims could have being your mother , sister,daughter ,or friend be it white or black ,black sisters need to forgive ,and stop being so angry ,channel your energy into the upliftment of yourself and family members and not to be caught up in the legal system, trust me i know. it's hard to be feeling let down by the system but remember we are the system it is up to us to make that change as a people the world owes us nothing we owe each other the LOVE AND RESPECT we each deserve . WAKE UP BALTIMORE STOP THE HATE.
Tonya May 17, 2011 at 08:41 PM
Right on Sean & Barry. I am white, but as a human being, I have no love for someone who can be so vicious in attacking another human being no matter what race they belong too. This whole thing should have never happened. Vicious animals belong locked up in a cage, i.e. jail, where they belong. If she gets out and when, cause she will, eventually. I betcha she does it again. You just can't get the hate out of some people. There will never be peace of earth. All because of the haters who attack.


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