After Hit-and-Run, Speeding, Recklessness Ongoing Problems

A fatal hit-and-run incident on Seven Courts Drive in Perry Hall has raised concerns about dangerous conditions in the high traffic area.

UPDATE (Jan. 26, 3:35 p.m.)—Days after a on Seven Courts Drive in Perry Hall, police said they have no suspects in the case.

The incident, however, has raised concerns among community members about traffic safety on the busy roadway.

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At about 7 p.m. Jan. 22, a vehicle stopped to allow a woman to cross Seven Courts Drive. Another vehicle then drove around the stopped vehicle, striking and killing 68-year-old , police said. The vehicle then fled the scene.

Police are encouraging anyone with information on the suspect vehicle—described as a light-colored, four-door Ford 500 sedan, built between 2005 and 2007—to come forward, police spokeswoman Louise Rogers-Feher said.

The car likely has damage to the right front bumper, the right headlight and possibly the hood and right front panel, she said. No information was available on the vehicle's license plates.

Anyone with information that could assist in the ongoing investigation is asked to call police at 410-307-2020.

Following the incident, dozens of people commented on the and Facebook page about traffic concerns near the area where Moore was killed. Speeding and reckless driving on the 30 mph roadway is a common problem, community members stated, and crossing any portion of the street can be dangerous.

There are only two designated crosswalks—one at and another at the traffic circle at —along the mile-long southern stretch of Seven Courts Drive.

The area between the crosswalks, however, includes access to the , , and .

is a resident of Bourbon Court, the same street that Moore lived on, just yards away from the scene of the hit-and-run.

"[The hit-and-run] is not surprising at all," Webb said. "Some mornings, it takes maybe 10 minutes to get out of Bourbon Court because of the speeding and aggressive driving ... you have to wait for the road to be entirely clear.

"No one is allowed to walk to the school. All of the kids have to take the bus," Webb said.

Even then, she said she worries about her children's safety while they wait to board the bus at the corner of Bourbon Court and Seven Courts Drive.

"Cars fly by just inches away from them," she said.

Lisa Kennedy, director of the senior center, said several members live in surrounding Seven Courts neighborhoods. She's reluctant, however, to encourage those members to walk to the center because of the heavy traffic.

"I've seen the way people fly down here," Kennedy said. "Crossing the street is dangerous anytime, but I certainly wouldn't want anyone crossing the street at night, even at a crosswalk."

Several local streets pose hazards for seniors, she said.

"Silver Spring Road is bad, too. We had a center member killed there about four years ago because someone sped into them," she added.

Additional crosswalks could be considered for Seven Courts Drive, "but they would not automatically reduce speeding without more signage and a law enforcement presence," County Councilman wrote in an email to Patch.

Marks, who has proposed and supported several traffic calming measures in Perry Hall neighborhoods, stated that Seven Courts Drive is not eligible for speed humps because it is classified as a "collector" roadway.

"According to the [Baltimore County] Department of Public Works, options to reduce speeding would not involve construction or engineering improvements," he wrote.

The only options for speed reduction include increased police enforcement, a radar display board or the installation of a within Seven Oaks Elementary's school zone, according to Marks.

While the investigation of the hit-and-run is being handled by county police headquarters in Towson, traffic law enforcement over the Seven Courts area is conducted by the on Harford Road.

Precinct officers are working to address speeding and dangerous conditions on Seven Courts Drive, according to Lt. Paul Franzoni.

What kinds of traffic calming measures would you support along Seven Courts Drive, between Perry Hall and Parkville? Tell us in the comments.

Tim January 27, 2012 at 11:42 PM
I think there needs to be clarification here: Was the pedestrian already in the road? Or did the first driver wave her through? BIG difference. Either way, it doesn't matter what the second driver knows, or doesn't know. You always, ALWAYS look out for the unexpected. That's what they teach you when you're 15 and trying to get a license. Never assume people are going to do what they should. Ever. People are stupid, and people are selfish. Makes for a dangerous combination. Ultimately, if you are in the car, you are responsible for what happens in it. Just like if you rear end someone because they hit the breaks - under any circumstances, it's your fault for not maintaining a reasonably safe driving distance.
Jim Jones January 29, 2012 at 04:53 AM
On a typical day, people may speed down that road. But on this particular day, factoring in the time and event that just finished, one would make the probably assumption that the vehicle that killed this woman was driven by an intoxicated driver. I can tell you for a fact that during the ravens game, the beer was flowing at bars and parties like it was New Years Eve. The accident occurred minutes after the game. The person who killed this woman was probably not speeding, but instead driving intoxicated. You can have all the speed humps and cameras you want, but that wont sober a person up.
Parkvillehoney January 29, 2012 at 09:33 PM
I think a speed camera near the elementary school and the senior center are the most viable answer. Baltimore County could install a lined pedestrian crossing with flashing yellow lights. How are senior citizens and parents with children going to walk across the Seven Courts Dr without some type of crossing help? I think if a driver receives too many speeding camera tickets, their license should be suspended for a period of time. I think the citizens of Seven Courts have been too patient waiting for an answer to correct speeding on Seven Courts Dr.
PH PALADIN February 02, 2012 at 01:52 AM
I would suggest putting a mini Right Side Light like the one by the park n ride and White Marsh Mall. When people need to cross they can hit the light, and it should slow down and stop incoming traffic both ways. Don't put speed bumps they suck. Let me remind you people, the hit and run driver was not the only person to blame. The person who committed the hit and run, probably was scratching his head wondering why in the F someone came to a complete stop, it's only natural to go around something completely stopped in a place where no stopping is permitted. Who the heck stops to let someone cross, and does'nt even think about the other side of traffic, if you look in your rearview you can see for the most part alot of 7 courts you already rode on.
Other Tim February 02, 2012 at 02:36 AM
Couldn't agree more. Today I got honked at for stopping at a stop sign. Third time this has happened to me lately. I feel like I need to get a bumper sticker that says "Caution: this car stops at stop signs".


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