Comment: ‘This law will be an embarrassment to Carroll’

Readers reacted with a mix of support and opposition to a law proposing to make English the official language of Carroll County government.

This week, Patch covered the news that Carroll County Commissioners are now examining whether to make English the official language of Carroll County government. The story struck a chord with readers. Here is our highlight of some of the comments.  

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“I'm all for it and if residents are given the opportunity to vote on it I have no doubt it will pass by a landslide.” Jack

“This law will be an embarrassment to Carroll that will permanently mar the county’s reputation and taint the honor of every person that lives or works here.”  Neil Ridgely  

“As a country that purportedly embraces diversity, why is it that anyone that defends the American culture, American heritage, or American language (English) is subject to attack or ridicule? In spite of the negative banter that self loathing leftists choose to believe about America, traditional America is still a great culture worthy of defending. We make NO APOLOGIES FOR DEFENDING OUR CULTURE; OUR LEGACY; OUR HERITAGE; OR OUR LANGUAGE.” - Commissioner Richard Rothschild

“This is the biggest bunch of bologna I've ever read. You weren't elected to defend American culture, legacy, heritage or language! You are a Carroll County Commissioner and a not even a good one! Start doing your job instead of continually attempting to put yourself and your dopey supporters in the conservative spotlight by touting your ignorant beliefs.” -  JoeEldersburg

“We are a country founded on immigration, and it has only made us stronger. My forebearers spoke Swedish and German when they arrived. Did my great grandfather the cobbler take a job from someone who was already here? Maybe. But then his sons actually created more jobs. Immigrants start more small businesses than the rest of us, and that is a good thing. Needlessly bashing a group of people that Carroll County depends on to pick their crops seems mean spirited. Let's spend our energy on growing jobs in the county and giving the next generation the best education possible instead. “ - Karen Blandford

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Buck Harmon October 06, 2012 at 08:53 PM
There's a good article in today's Sun Paper that speaks to how this proposal is being received by the Latino Community...great publicity for Carroll...(
David from VoxPop January 24, 2013 at 09:05 PM
In order for your argument to be convincing, however, you need to demonstrate the fiscal impact on the county, and you need to offset that burden with any economic losses that are incurred due to the new ordinance. Neither you nor any of the Commissioners can offer a factual, data-driven reason for this law. Please, show me the numbers. Show me the burden before you offer this new law by way of relief!
Buck Harmon January 25, 2013 at 04:10 AM
There is absolutely no need for law that stems from bigotry.


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