Del. Boteler: Maryland Shouldn't Wait on 'Caylee's Law'

The state legislature is considering a bill that would allow authorities to begin an investigation when a parent or guardian fails to report a child missing after a set period of time.

The following was submitted as a letter to the editor by Del. Joe Boteler III, a Republican who represents Maryland's 8th legislative district.

It has only been a couple of months since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee. However, America bound into action as soon as the verdict was read.

One of the main concerns was that Anthony never notified law enforcement that her daughter was missing. Because of the sudden retort over this fact, the Maryland General Assembly has recognized the need for legislation that requires a parent or guardian to report to law enforcement, after a specific period of time, that the child is missing.

If this process fails to be completed, an investigation may be conducted. House Bill 122 is currently being considered in committee, and is scheduled for a hearing in the next week or so. 

It is unfortunate that this legislation has to form out of a reactionary circumstance, but the need has appeared none-the-less. The public’s attention has been captured, and a new law needs to be created in response. “Caylee’s law” has already been considered in other states, and Maryland should not wait any longer to follow this trend.

It has always been my goal to protect the children of our great state, as they are our future and our legacy. “Caylee’s law” needs to be passed quickly and without haste, and I hope Marylanders will see the basic need of a law of this worth.  

There are currently over 50 bills pertaining to crime in Maryland. The following link: http://mlis.state.md.us/2012rs/filecode/E1.htm provides an in depth prospective of each piece of legislation.

Legislative Services provides a weekly synopsis of all the pressing matters being discussed in Annapolis. The following link: http://mlis.state.md.us/2012rs/Wrap_up/current_issue.pdf will direct you there.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you, and can be reached directly at Josoph.Boteler@house.state.md.us


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