Del. Boteler: 'Tax and Spend Mentality Continues'

Republican Del. Joe Boteler III said he will fight against statewide tax increases.

Editor's Note: Republican of Legislative District 8, which includes parts of Perry Hall, Carney and Parkville, submitted the following statement as a letter to the editor.

As the 2012 session begins, the tax and spend mentality continues.

A commission appointed by the governor, has recommended that the Maryland Legislature deals with the shortfall that has appeared in Transportation Trust Fund. Their solution is to raise a series of vehicle fees, public transportation fares, and the gasoline tax by 15 cents per gallon.

Over the years Maryland’s transportation funds have been used inappropriately to pay for projects unrelated to transportation needs. Revenues deposited into the Transportation Trust Fund are not earmarked for specific programs. This loophole in legislation has left the door open for politicians to spend recklessly and be fiscally irresponsible. The funds that have been removed are never replenished which has lead to tax increases over the years. This has proven to be only short term solutions.  

The governor’s commission has failed to come up with an answer to address Maryland’s long term fiscal issues. Raising taxes during an economic recession would be nothing more than a terrible burden on struggling Marylanders. This is why I do not support raising taxes, or increasing any other fees. I want the best for my constituents and Maryland residents in terms of road safety and maintenance. Taxes should not be increased simply because funds are raided inappropriately.  

I have made it my personal goal over the years to introduce legislation that requires the governor to replenish transportation funds removed in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, this legislation is continuously voted down, failing sometimes to even make it out of committee. I refuse to give up on these efforts, and will continue to work on legislation to protect funds from inappropriate use. The scope of the government needs to be reduced to provide the people with a more transparent view of how their state is being run. I will continue to work towards this goal. 

For more information on this matter, and other potential pieces of legislation, please click on: http://mlis.state.md.us/2012rs/Wrap_up/current_issue.pdf   As always, if you should have any questions regarding tax and fee increases, please contact me directly at Jospeh.Boteler@house.state.md.us  and I will be happy to assist you.

Do you agree or disagree with Boteler's proposals? Would you support a reduction in the size of state government? Tell us in the comments.

Tim January 18, 2012 at 06:26 PM
hmm. this sounds a lot like what's happened to our Social Security System at the federal level. Oh look, there's no money left after 2035! Let's get rid of it, let's let the crooks on Wall Street run it instead! Glossing over the fact that the SSAfunds has been pillaged for decades, by both parties. Borrowed off the backs of the baby boomers, and now it's doom and gloom when they realize they actually have to pay it back.
David Boggs January 18, 2012 at 07:12 PM
I absolutely agree with Del Boteler concerning proposed tax increases in Maryland. For years, Maryland politicians have been raising taxes whenever they need to fill a self created (due to their own profligate spending) budget deficit. I, and I hope many others have had enough. Gov. O'Mally has been tossing money around like a drunken sailor lately, but tells us we have a budget shortfall. The only way to put a stop to this insanity is for the populace to put it's collective foot down. I hope we are finally getting angry enough for this to happen.
Jimmy January 18, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Let's raise taxes, then let's remodel the Governor's mansion again. Maybe give the Governor a raise while we're at it. The people that protect the Governor haven't gotten a raise in years and even have been furloughed, but would take a bullet for him. Why? Because it's their job. Maybe the governor should look at the work ethic of those that protect him. Maybe that will get him to be more responsible with our money. Del. Boteler, keep up the good work. Here is a proposal to bring to your sessions...let's borrow the money from the Governor's pension fund to make up for the shortfall in the budget.
Rocco Rotondo January 19, 2012 at 11:56 PM
What in the the hell has he ever voted for. He won't have Ehrlichs coat tails to ride on next time. That goes for Cluster too.
Chris Defeo January 23, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Rocco, I am more than happy to provide you with Delegate Boteler's voting record if you would like it. Delegate Boteler and Delegate Cluster are always out in the community educating and engaging constituents. That is why both of them were very successful in 2010. I encourage you to come to our next meeting and get informed. We promise to leave Bob Ehrlich's coat at home. Chris Defeo Legislative Aide


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