Five New Speed Camera Sites Selected

Four other sites at Winands and Seven Oaks Elementary Schools and Loch Raven Academy and Bais Yaakov become operational on Thursday.

Baltimore County Police have selected five new school zone sites for speed cameras.

The new cameras will be located at the following schools:

  • Southwest Academy – Johnnycake Road
  • Loch Raven High – Cromwell Bridge Road
  • Stoneleigh Elementary -– Regester Avenue
  • Patapsco High – Wise Avenue
  • Owings Mills Elementary – Reisterstown Road

When the new cameras are installed, there will be 27 operational in the county.

The department also announced Wednesday that four other sites will become operational on July 12.

  • Winands Elementary - Scotts Level Road between Winands Road and Autrim Lane
  • Loch Raven Academy - Goucher Boulevard between Putty Hill Avenue and LaSalle Road
  • Seven Oaks Elementary - Seven Courts Drive between Joppa Road and Proctor Lane
  • Bais Yaakov - Smith Avenue

A fifth camera slated for Harford Road near St. Ursula's School will become operational after receiving State Highway Administration approval, according to a department news release.

Mike Fisher July 13, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Obviously, your idea of "fun" differs from mine. I love a good debate and was enjoying ours until the personal attacks came. You don't seem to have a rational thinking mind or if you do, you hide it well. I'm sorry for all the things you've been through with bad drivers, but none of the things you mentioned are things I would do to you or anyone else. Most of them are disrespectful IMO such as tailgating or laying on the horn. That's not me. I still stand by my comments though and by the way, you know how many times I talk on my cell phone in my car a month? On average. less than once because people know not to call me when I'm on the road and if I answer, it would only be if I was at a red light, at a backed up stop sign, or in the middle of open road. "Significantly slow down" to me means lower my engine RPM's from, for example, 2.5 to 1.8 and coasting instead of speeding up. Ten seconds or less, I can handle, but I hardly ever talk on my cell phone in my car. Probably less than five times a year. I simply don't do it unless I think it's important enough to answer or I can handle it quickly. I see people all the time talking on their phones in their cars, all the time with the phone to the ear. THOSE are the people you should direct your anger to, not me.
Cal Oren July 14, 2012 at 12:40 AM
Speed limits are not dictated by God, nor is there any infallible way of setting them fast enough to allow smooth and efficient traffic flow. and slow enough to prevent most accidents. Traffic engineers generally agree that 80% or more of the traffic on a road should drive at or below the speed limit even when it is not posted. In other words, most drivers intuitively drive at a safe speed for the road and traffic conditions. That's why traffic engineers routinely do traffic studies - to determine if the speed limit for the road in question is appropriate. Of course,if there are special circumstances that are not visible - such as a blind corner ahead, or a hidden entrance, this "natural" speed limit may need to be artificially reduced. Our interstate system has still not recovered from interference by the Federal Government, which began mandating that the states comply with Federal speed limits under Jimmy Carter over 30 years ago when we were about to run out of oil. (Remember those days? )
richard bertoldi July 14, 2012 at 02:15 AM
did anyone ever stop to think that the speed limits are set knowing that they are going to be to a large extent exceeded by 7-10 mph?hence the 12 mph grace
richard bertoldi July 14, 2012 at 02:18 AM
with that in mind you start to see how the general public is being manipulated or to put it another way WE ARE BEING CONTROLED and don't even know it
Mike Fisher July 14, 2012 at 05:48 AM
Now THAT makes sense as to why speed limits don't change with the technology, thank you. That's a very informative response and I agree, people generally drive at the speed they deem safe for the road and conditions which is usually over the posted speed limit by 5-15 mph depending on the situation and how well the driver knows the road he's on. The Government needs to stop this mandating and let the traffic engineers do their jobs. If it wasn't for the oil companies buying up patents for new and cleaner burning engines, we wouldn't even need oil. This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. At some point, this country just stopped advancing, that could even be expanded to the world because oil companies want their money and they want us dependent on oil even if it destroys our oceans in the process. We certainly have the technology to make cars that would run on tap water by separating the hydrogen and running the car on it, easily, but where's the money in that? Greed holds this country and the world back in so many ways. How long must we rely on oil? We have the tech to move past it, but we don't because of greedy corporations. This world just isn't interested anymore in advancement, only money. It's sad, really. We can make deisel cars run on USED vegetable oil, that should be a norm as well. We really need to move along with technology. We have the ability, but too much money is in oil and the way things are now. Makes me sad.


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