Joint Study Reveals Strategy for Belair Road

Urban Land Institute partners with Baltimore city and county to offer strategic advice for development along the Belair Road corridor.


Both Baltimore City and Baltimore County recognize the importance of Belair Road as a major thoroughfare, so it's no surprise that a joint effort between the two government bodies and the Urban Land Institute targeted the corridor that includes Overlea and Fullerton.

In March 2011, an 11-member panel was convened and met with residents for a workshop at St. Anthony of Padua church—the result of that workshop is the document attached to this article.

The document unveils a strategy that revolves around three "node" sites and two "opportunity" sites along the corridor.

"Nodes are areas with a unique character that serve as existing hubs of activity and opportunity sites are areas with short-term redevelopment potential," according to the report.

Overlea is designated as a node site in the strategy, which indicates that Overlea should be a walkable neighborhood with a lot of retail frontage—a place to "stop and shop," the report says.

Meanwhile, Fullerton is designated as an opportunity site—specifically the intersection of Belair Road and Fullerton Avenue.

"This opportunity site has potential for large-scale redevelopment due to existence of large underdeveloped parcels, consolidated land ownership, and good proximity to Fullerton Elementary School and Recreational Center," the report says.

The Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel report on revitalizing the Belair Road Corridor includes many specific recommendations and some general ones for Overlea and Fullerton.


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