Marks Aims To Lower Development Potential For Cromwell Valley

The Fifth District councilman is proposing that 66 acres of land be downzoned during the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process.

Developers looking to build on 66 acres of land in the Cromwell Valley will find themselves unable to do so if one county councilman has his way.

Councilman David Marks announced Thursday his intention to seek downzoning of a 66 acre swath as part of the county's quanrennial Comprehensive Zoning Map Process.

To see a map of the affected properties, check out the .pdf attached to this article.

The land, Marks said in a statement, includes property owned by Baltimore City, a homeowner's association, and private property owners north of Satyr Hill Road, east of Littlewood Road and south of Cromwell Bridge Road.

Many of the proposed properties are located near the .

, Marks told the Cromwood-Conventry Community Association he could not change the zoning on the controversial development, but that he would work to lower development potential in the neighborhood.

"I will raise an issue this CZMP cycle that will allow for the zoning of these properties to go as low as DR1—that's the lowest zoning you can get," Marks said at the meeting.

Marks was not immediately available for to comment on whether or not the current proposal was related to the February meeting.

The land proposed for downzoning is currently zoned for residential development of either 3.5 or 5.5 units per acre. Under Marks' proposal, 41 acres would be zoned for open space and the remaining 25 would have their development potential lowered to one residential unit per acre.

In a statement, Marks wrote that it was the largest single downzoning proposal in the Parkville area in Baltimore County history.

"I am taking action to lower the development potential of an area that should have been downzoned years ago," he wrote.

The county council will vote on zoning recommendations later this month at an Aug. 28 session.

Leslie Schildgen August 03, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Cromwell Valley people are shaking in their boots at the thought of possibly living with the neighborhood destroying people they have allowed to take over America by voting for liberal policies. They vote for these policies to house these people as long as it's not in THEIR neighborhood. I say no to the down zoning proposal and let Cromwell Valley people see how they destroy neighborhoods by the very policies they voted for for the rest of us out here forced to watch our neighborhoods be ruined because of the illegal problem. I hope they build low income housing on the 66 acre plot with some Section 8 and illegal tenants thrown in here and there.
Parkvillehoney August 03, 2012 at 03:52 PM
I share your frustration, Leslie. My Parkville neighborhood had all homeowners that respected their neighborhood and kept their homes in great condition. In the last 10 years, some homes became rental units and that's when the problems started. The landlords rented to Section 8 people for a higher rent. These renters have multiple people living in the house, keep the outside a mess and don't know how to act in a family homeowner community! I blame the State of Maryland for being a liberal state that gives to the non working, undeserving citizen and takes away from the hardworking taxpayer citizens. Baltimore County is becoming an extension of Baltimore City. The Baltimore City politicians have torn down all lower income housing and gave the renters vouchers to move into Baltimore County. Now we have multiple crime problems, just as Baltimore City had.


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