Marks Opposing Rezoning West of Bosley Avenue

However, the District 5 councilman said he does believe the area could use some redevelopment.

Councilman David Marks said he will vote against increasing commercial development west of Bosley Avenue and north of Bosley Hall in western Towson.

"I will respect this boundary," the District 5 councilman said in an email. "Intense commercial development will not creep over into western Towson's established neighborhoods."

The following zoning requests, which will be voted on by the County Council on Aug. 28, will be affected:

  • 5–011 Petitioner Brooks & Kosloski for West Joppa Road, between Central Avenue and Bosley Avenue
  • 5-012 Petitioner Brooks & Kosloski for 614 Bosley Avenue
  • 5-013 Petitioner Brooks & Kosloski for 612 Bosley Avenue
  • 5-014 Petitioner Brooks & Kosloski for 610 Bosley Avenue
  • 5-017 Petitioner Brooks & Kosloski for 604 Bosley Avenue
  • 5-025 Petitioner Baltimore County Planning Board for west side of Bosley Avenue, North of Chesapeake Avenue

Marks stated that concerns about development in the area have been raised by private property owners, and a member of the county planning board.

But the Republican councilman said the area could use some redevelopment.

"I do believe there could be some redevelopment along this route, but that can occur through a planned unit development that engages the community," he wrote. "Some redevelopment could also occur through a special exception under the current zoning."

Josh Glikin August 24, 2012 at 12:29 PM
I'd like to thank Councilman Marks for his decision. I agree that there needs to be improvement along Bosley Avenue but that a wholesale re-zoning that permits property owners to do so without community input is not the best way to achieve it. As Councilman Marks correctly explains, the existing planned unit development, or PUD, is a process that is already in place is a means to achieve redevelopment but with community input. I live in West Towson and am eager to use this process to work with all commercial property owners to improve their properties in a manner that makes business sense, yet keeps our community setting intact. So far, however, not a single commercial property owner has accepted the community's invitation. But it remains open.


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