Marks Proposes Lower Zoning in Carney, Cub Hill

The fifth district councilman recently added two properties to his list of proposed zoning changes in the Parkville/Carney area.

As the quadrennial zoning map process for Baltimore County draws to a close, Fifth District Councilman David Marks has added a pair of properties in Carney and Cub Hill to the list of areas he believes need lower zoning.

Maps showing the areas Marks plans to 'downzone' are attached as .pdf files to this article. CZMP Issue 5-031 shows the lot near the corner of Magledt and Joppa Roads. CZMP Issue 5-032 shows the lot near the corner of Harford and Northwind Roads.

In a recent email, Marks wrote that he is proposing that a 6.6 acre lot near the corner of Joppa and Magledt Roads in Carney be changed from a zoning denisty of 5.5 houses per acre to a density of one house per acre.

A 5.5 acre lot near the corner of Harford and Northwind Roads, Marks wrote, needs to have its zoning lowered in order to protect open space in the neighborhood. That property is currently partially zoned for townhomes and partially zoned for 3.5 houses per acre.

Marks said that he is recommending that 5.1 acres of the 5.5 be changed to an open space zoning.

The full county council will vote on zoning recommendations on Aug. 28.


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