Marylanders Rally Against Pit Bull Court Opinion

Protestors argued that pit bulls are being unfairly targeted by the Maryland Court of Appeals.

Annapolis resident Stehle Harris is afraid she won't have a home. 

As the owner of a bull terrier, Harris said the recent that pit bulls and pit bull crossbreeds are dangerous could lead to a slippery slope. The opinion also states that landlords can prohibit the dogs from their properties.

"I think pit bulls capacity to do damage is no greater than a chihuahua," she said. "I'm more apprehensive about smaller dogs."

Harris was one of a group of Marylanders protesting the court's opinion at Lawyer's Mall in Annapolis on Tuesday afternoon. 

Erin Harty, of Baltimore, said Harris' fears aren't unfounded. As a volunteer at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, she said the center is already being overwhelmed with pit bulls as a result of the opinion.

"German shepherds have been targeted, dobermans have been targeted," Harty said. "Pit bulls are the breed du jour"

She added that singling out pit bulls is unwarranted.

"Any dog has the potential to be aggressive if treated unfairly," Harty said.

As a dog groomer for 25 years, White Marsh resident Angela Barnes said she has never been bitten by a pit bull. She owns two rescues of the breed.

"[Pit bulls] are being targeted because people used them in fights," Barnes said. "It all depends on how you treat them."

Kelli Parker, of Fredricksburg, VA, knows this first hand. Before she adopted her pit bull Krush, she said he came from an abusive environment, and was once tied to a outdoor bannister for two weeks. As a result, Parker said Krush was slightly food aggressive when she adopted him.

"With training, he was fine," she said. "He's just very loveable and cuddly."

Parker said the love she receives from Krush and her other pit bull Sasha inspired her to create her own advocacy organization for the breed called The Pretty Chic With The Pits.

"My dogs really did save my life," she said. "They've showed me compassion and unconditional love."

Able Baker June 06, 2012 at 09:56 PM
You're aware that all dogs *do* have to be registered and vaccinated on an annual basis, right? Most people just choose not to do it, and the government isn't interested in making people comply.
Able Baker June 06, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Volvos cost more than Corvettes? What planet do you live on? The lowest end Corvette retails for about twice that of a Volvo.
Able Baker June 06, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Ugh, false dilemma. "No one can care about anything until this important issue that I care about is solved". How many people could have a hot meal or health care with the money you spend on your pets? People priortize plenty of things over other people. Every time you make a purchase that isn't food or shelter you're putting personal comfort over some more worthy cause.
Able Baker June 06, 2012 at 10:33 PM
You do realize that yahoo voices is basically a blog where anyone can post an "article". The rest of the articles that particular author has written are Dancing With the Stars recaps. But hey, you seem to be a fan of bad information, so knock yourself out.
Jeanne August 03, 2012 at 11:05 PM
This is a fact: Pit Bulls can be nasty if encouraged but raised in a good home and treated well, have food and dry safe place to live, Pit Bulls are a wonderful dog. ALL dogs can attack if given incouragement. I have a Lab and if someone comes after me he knows to protect me. When we go out and there is a stranger that is acting funny my Lab will only walk between me and the stranger, my neighbor's Pit Bull is the same way. They are also the same in that if the stranger approaches and is agressive they growl and bark and if that didn't work they would protect their owner. It is not the breed that is bad it is the owner neglecting the dog or raising it to fight. Any breed can fight treated bad enough, any breed can attack. ALL breeds of dogs are good. My lab plays with several differnt breeds of dogs twice a week and loves it, the people that work there have fun with the dogs and love them. Go after the bad PEOPLE, of all races, not the animals.


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