Promotions Fill Void in Police Command Staff

Tuesday's announcement comes a month after one-third of the police command staff left as part of an early retirement incentive.

One month after nearly one-third of the commanders of the Baltimore County Police Department took early retirement, the chief of police has announced the promotion or reassignment of six remaining executive officers.

The assignments and promotions appear to fill the void in command staff left by the recent departures.

Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson announced the restructuring moves during an internal meeting Tuesday morning.

Armacost said, three captains were promoted to major, including:

  • Capt. Karen Johnson, a 22-year veteran currently serving as commander of the Technology Management Section. She has served as the commander of the Training Academy, Precinct 6 Towson, and the Personnel Section. 
  • Capt. Daniel Kaliszak, a 21-year veteran currently serving as commander of the Intelligence Unit.  He was previously assigned to the Criminal Investigative Division as a lieutenant.
  • Capt. Alexander Jones, a 16-year veteran currently serving as commander of Precinct 6 Towson. He was previously assigned to Precinct 1 Wilkens as a lieutenant. 

In addition to the promotions, three others were reassigned, including two who are now acting colonels: 

  • Maj. Joseph Burris, a 27-year veteran, will be appointed acting colonel of the Administrative and Technical Services Bureau. He has previously served as the commander of the Management Services Division, and executive officer of the Administrative and Technical Services Bureau.   
  • Maj. Peter Evans, a 26-year veteran, will be appointed acting colonel of the Operations Bureau. He previously served as commander of the Internal Affairs Division, the executive officer of the Operations Bureau, and Western Patrol Division commander.
  • Maj. Evan Cohen, a 29-year veteran, will take over command of the Western Patrol Division.  He has previously served as the executive officer for the Operations Bureau, and as the commander of the Western Patrol Division.

Elise Armacost, a police department spokeswoman, said the moves represent the bulk of the immediate restructuring that will be done.

"There won't be any sweeping changes for now," said Armacost. "The system as it is works well. What changes will be made in the future remains to be seen."

Last month, the department lost nearly Some of the commanders retired to take advantage of an early retirement program and the deferred reitrement option program that has paid out more than since June.

Under the terms of the early retirement program, the department agrees to eliminate the position of the retiree or another similar one.

Armacost said that even with the promotions and reassignments there will be a "net loss of 10 positions within the executive corps."

Johnson said in October, days before commanders officially filed for retirement, that he was "studying the possibility of restructuring the department."

One of those changes was rumored to be the possibility of merging the police and fire departments into a Department of Public Safety.

Both departments are currently housed together in a building in the 700 block of Joppa Road.

This story was updated to add attribution for information related to the officers who were promoted.

Bart December 08, 2011 at 12:35 PM
I don' work for anybody. And again..wow.
Buck Harmon December 08, 2011 at 02:49 PM
Somewhere in the middle lye solutions.... that's good news..
Buzz Beeler December 08, 2011 at 03:54 PM
Well stated and quite true.
nor December 10, 2011 at 01:18 PM
My suggestion to all of you is this: If responding to an article, make your comment and move on. You have to stop responding to every comment. It is childish behavior. I give Buzz credit for posting using his real identity, although I don't think its wise in many instances. Any comment can be taken out of context and used "against" you. At least with some anonymity, this isn't the case. It is why Robert can claim, if he chooses too, to state he is a SF Colonel w/combat experience in multiple wars, a Navy Seal, an Army Ranger, etc. Unless his experience is relevant to the article, who gives a crap. Even then, there is no way to verify this info unless he does as Buzz does...uses his real identity. If "acting" while someone is absent, are you telling me they get paid the salary of the individual who is absent. For example, if I am an XO (LT) and my Commander (CPT) is out today and I fill his role, I earn Captain pay for my shift? In the military, if a Major is holding a LTC position, the Major is paid for being a Major, not a LTC. However, it usually means the Major will soon be a LTC or the position doesn't need to be a LTC slot, but a Major slot. If this occurs, then it speaks to another flaw in our local govt salary structure as well as the pension system which needs to be eliminated and replaced with a 401K/403B system. These payouts are ridiculous and unsustainable. Contribute 15% of an employee's annual salary while employed and that is it...NO MORE PENSIONS.
Buzz Beeler December 10, 2011 at 02:00 PM
Nor, well written and thoughtful. Last night Councilman Marks posted a comment and there was good exchange of thoughts. Then this appeared: ____________________________________ Towson Patch Robert Armstrong commented on the blog post Quirk 'Not Inclined' To Support Term Limits "Buzz is an asshole." __________________________________________ I don't mind the heat, it goes with the territory. The one thing that does bother me is that a councilman takes the time to come on this site and comment to us and then this is allowed. It cheapens the integrity and will damage the reputation of this site. The majority of those that comment attempt to do so in a mature manner and this is not good for business. Discourse is good but people of this ilk will drive away those leaders like Councilman Marks who takes the time to share his thoughts with us.


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