Revenue Up at Maryland Casinos in December

All casinos in the state saw increases in revenue in the final month of the year, though revenue from Hollywood Casino and Ocean Downs was lower than in 2011. Maryland Live! pulled in $229 million in 2012.

The Maryland Live! casino pulled in $229 million in revenue in 2012, comprising more than 60 percent of all gambling revenue statewide, despite opening in June.

The Maryland Lottery reported that the casino at Arundel Mills finished the year with $35 million in revenue in December, up from $34 million the month prior. Across the state, Maryland's three casinos pulled in $45.2 million in the last month of 2012, up nearly 5 percent from November. 

However, December revenue from Ocean Downs and Hollywood Casino was $3.19 million—or 25 percent—less than in 2011, when Maryland Live! was not yet open. 

Maryland Live! is the largest of the three casinos, with 4,750 game terminals. Its per-terminal revenue of $244 in December was nearly double that of the Ocean Downs and the Hollywood Casino in Perryville. 

Hollywood Casino reported $5.96 million in revenue in December, up from $5.4 million in November. Ocean Downs also saw revenue rise slightly, from $3.32 million to $3.34 million. 

Ocean Downs reported $49.9 million in revenue in 2012, while Hollywood Casino reported $98.6 million. 

Casino operators in Maryland kept 33 percent of gambling revenue in 2012. The rest is directed to the state's education trust fund, local impact grants or programs to support minority businesses and the horse racing industry. 

In 2012, casinos pocketed $124 million, while directing $184 million to the education trust fund and $26 million to racetrack purses. Another $8.4 million went to fund renewal of racetracks, while the Maryland Lottery collected $7.6 million.

Maryland Live! introduced 24-hour gambling on Dec. 27 and plans to add live table games in early 2013. 

David S January 08, 2013 at 02:50 AM
Local horse racing was shown to be a diverse major industry in MD, but without a way to compete against the state of MD's own gambling. Which isn't a business, it's the state supported right to print money with casinos. Therefore part of the 67% tax MD takes from it's casinos is passed back as purse money. Don't play at saying you don't know way the horse racing industry is supported by casinos. Oh btw, if you have anything but a snide remark re: "education trust fund" toss it out there. No, if you had you already would have. So - ya got nothing but weak innuendo.
M. Sullivan January 08, 2013 at 08:39 AM
David, everyone knows that the original education trust fund, which was supposed to be funded by the lottery, has been raided many times for other priorities. Also, part of the justification for building casinos in MD was to prop up the failing horse racing industry. Horse racing isn't getting money because the casinos took away their business. They didn't have enough business to be self supporting anymore. The big winners here are the rich horse owners and breeders who get to have their little hobby subsidized by the State. If horse racing was truly self supporting in MD they would never have needed help. That goes for the other private businesses getting a cut of the ridiculously high casino taxes as well.
kevin culler January 08, 2013 at 03:23 PM
Do you people ask where mcdonalds revenue goes? Or 7-11 revenue? How bout best buy or target revenue etc etc. So why ask about casino revenue? Its nunya. Nunya damn business
M. Sullivan January 08, 2013 at 04:31 PM
Kevin, This revenue is tax money which, for citizens of MD, it is most certainly our business where this money goes. Don't ya think? I don't care where the casino's after-tax profits go, unless I own stock in the corporation.
Bill Howard January 13, 2013 at 09:35 PM
So if the purse is up, why is Owe-Malley raising the sales tax and gas tax? No matter what we do, we still hear the sucking sound of Annapolis cleaning our pockets.


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