Three Harford Road Buildings Sold At Auction

Properties at 7917, 7915 and 7913 went on the block Thursday morning.

Three Harford Road properties in Parkville's business district were sold at auction Thursday morning as part of foreclosure proceedings against their former owner.

Bidding began around 11 a.m. and was concluded by 11:30; the three buildings were sold in two seperate lot by AJ Billig & Company Auctioneers.

The buildings located at 7917 and 7915 Harford Road were sold as a lot to Rich Cohen of Bay Properties for $150,000. The property at 7915 Harford Road is currently occupied by Sipping Pretty Wine Consultants, whose owner Janette Wilson expressed anxiety about the upcoming sale in an interview last week. 7917 Harford Road is currently unoccupied.

Reached for comment by phone, Cohen said that Bay Properties typically buys retail storefronts along main roads and tries to put them to "their best use." He said that the company owns several properties along the Belair Road, York Road, and Liberty Road corridors.

"I intend to build them out and fit in desirable companies; nice retail stuff and maybe an office upstairs," Cohen said. "It's been vacant long enough. It could only be good for the neighborhood."

With regard to Sipping Pretty Wine Consultants, he said that he was willing to work with the current tenant.

"I have no intention of throwing anyone out," he said.

7913 Harford Road, which is currently occupied by Maryland Office Systems, was sold for a sum of $97,000 to a Parkville resident who wished to remain anonymous.

number9dream October 04, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Nick - for kicks you should conduct a poll, asking readers what business(es) will occupy the recently auctioned properties. Some possibilities: tattoo parlor, nail salon, check cashing, church (i.e. tax shelter). If it's any indication, Cohen owns properties on Belair, York and Liberty Roads, and the properties just purchased are well inside the beltway. Think about Belair, York and especially Liberty Roads the same distance inside the beltway. This area needs revitalization and redevelopment, not tenants in run-down Depression-era storefronts.
Ruth Baisden October 05, 2012 at 01:51 PM
We have been asking people what types of stores they would like to see and support in this area of Harford Road. I am part of the Parkville Main Street Committee that seeks revitalization (and maybe some redevelopment) along the Harford Road Business District. We look forward to meeting with the new property owners. Visit us on facebook "Parkville Main Street".
Chris McDermott October 05, 2012 at 02:26 PM
I really wish I had of went. $150,000...Wow !!!


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