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Can you relate?  We all take on so much that we sometimes forget to take a breath, look around and just leave the dirty dishes in the sink until the kids go to bed...


So just a few short weeks ago, my husband "Papa" ,as he is known in our house, went out of town for a few nights: 4 days & 3 nights, but who's counting.  As the first night of him being gone came to a close, I walked in my oldest son's room (he's 5) and he was sobbing at his desk looking at a player card of his Papa (he is a retired pro soccer player) and when I asked him what was wrong he told me " I miss Papa so much, I don't know if I can make it" I thought...awww that is so cute. So he put the player card on the pillow next to him and drifted to sleep (he did this every night while Papa was gone).  When each day came and went and each one of my sons whined and cried for Papa, I thought...damn, is it really that hard being with Momma alone for a few days. 

Fast forward to this past weekend when I am planning to go back "home" for my 20 year high school reunion and due to other obligations my husband and kids were unable to come with me. As I called home each day to check in, my 5 year old was always too busy to talk, my 2 year old would talk to me briefly and go about his business.  I mean really?  Now I am gone for a few days/nights and you aren't crying yourself to sleep at night while looking at MY PICTURE??

Then there was lastnight...our "baby" (2 years old) woke up around 2 am and I could tell it wasn't a dream, he was up. As I went into his room the realization was that he had wet through his diaper and sheets So after I got him changed and his sheets replaced, I proceeded to try to get him back to sleep.  Nothing was working, he just wouldn't settle down. I go get Papa and within 3 minutes the "baby" was back to sleep and out for the rest of the night. I couldn't go back to sleep...I laid awake in bed wondering what I was doing wrong? Aren't moms supposed to do the mom thing better than dads?  As I finally drifted back to sleep I had to remind myself, to be grateful, cherish the fact that my boys adore their Papa so much. Grateful that he is so amazing with them.

Then this morning, I thought about the fact that I am always "on" when I am home with the boys. I am working, whether it be for my FT job, my part time job, Pampered Mommas, or maintaining the household. It never ends and instead of sitting down on the floor and playing with my boys for hours on end, I am going up and down the steps with loads of laundry, complaining about how much the dog is shedding, which leads me to mopping and vacuuming, oh and the kitchen...doing the dishes, etc.  I need to take responsibility for the fact that I need to step back and stop worrying about the house, stop worrying about responding to each and every email within minutes of receipt. I need to just have FUN with my kids, because the day is gonna come when they aren't going to want to have FUN with Momma anymore...

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