Local Schools Need Votes In BGE Contest

Three local schools entered the power company's video contest.

It was 12 years ago that BGE launched an Emmy-winning commercial about what kids should do if they encounter downed wires.

If you rewind your mind to the year 2000, you could probably sing it in time ... "do not, do not, do not touch," the commercial says.

If not, check out the video attached to this article.

Now the utilies company has launched a contest challenging schools to film their own version of the ad for a chance to win $10,000 and three local schools have entered.

Check out the videos by clicking the links below and vote for your favorite.

The three schools in Parkville-Overlea are among 29 with a chance to win. Submissions had to be received by Nov. 30 and voting is open through Dec. 15.

Speaking of contests, check out Patch's Deck the House contest for a chance to win $100,000 for Baltimore County schools.

Do you remember the original "Wires Down" commercial? Which of the local elementary schools did the best job?


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