Parkville Rec Awards College Scholarships To Local Grads

30 high school seniors received scholarships to help them pay for their college education.

The Parkville Recreation Council continued a long-standing tradition of awarding scholarships to graduating seniors at Tuesday night's meeting when they gave over $3,800 dollars away to 30 graduates.

Grads who received scholarships participated in various rec council programs over the course of their academic careers; receiving awards were:

  • Matthew Benach, who will attend UMBC
  • Revae Boykins, who will attend Hampton University
  • Taylor Brady, who will attend Penn State
  • Carly Cannon, who will attend York College of Pennsylvania
  • Abigail Edmunds, who will attend University of Delaware
  • Jillan Fiedler, who will attend Towson University
  • James Gordon, who will attend The Corcoran College of Art and Design
  • Gregory Harper, who will attend CCBC Essex
  • Devin Herlihy, who will attend Case Western Reserve
  • Hannah Hines, who will attend Towson University
  • Rebecca Hughes, who will attend Towson University
  • Brianna Humphreys, who will attend Philadelphia University
  • Amanda Jackson, who will attend CCBC Essex
  • Kelsy Klimko, who will attend Salisbury University
  • Emily Lipka, who will attend the University of Pennsylvania
  • Laura Livengood, who will attend Towson University
  • Taylor Lurz, who will attend Salisbury University
  • Timothy Madore, who will attend Penn State
  • Ian Mueller, who will attend East Carolina University
  • Nkemakonam Obineme, who will attend West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Taylor O'Connor, who will attend Towson University
  • Kirsti Paavola, who will attend Johns Hopkins University
  • Megan Russell, who will attend Towson University
  • Caitlin Sas, who will attend Towson University.
  • Timothy Smith, who will attend Towson University
  • Emily Stettes, who will attend Towson University
  • Mariah Torbit, who will attend Towson University
  • Michael Valerino, who will atttend UMBC
  • Kelly Weaver, who will attend Roanoke College
  • Cory Ziegler, who will attend the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Speaking to graduates, their parents and Parkville Rec members, council president Ed Pinder said that giving money to graduates is the riskiest thing the Rec does.

"These are not gifts, this is an investment that we as a rec council are making in you," Pinder said. "If we were a bank and we were told we're going to give out x amount of dollars and you won't see anything back for 4-5 years; most bankers would say that's not a real good investment—you're not getting any interest on it."

"We expect to be paid back with interest—we don't expect you to come here with a checkbook, but we expect that you're gonna come back ... and put your work into the community and improve the quality of life for everybody. That's where we expect our investment to pay back."

You can watch a full video of the scholarship presentation in the YouTube video attached to this article.

A $10,000 grant awarded to the Parkville Rec council by Constellation Energy will make it possible for the group to give scholarships to deserving seniors for years to come, Pinder said.

He explained the grant was awarded to the rec by Director of Youth Sports Kevin Marron, who received it from his employer, Constellation Energy, in recognition of his volunteer efforts.

Marron, a 31-year employee of BGE/Constellation, explained that he has been volunteering with rec councils since he was a young man. Back in January he started an under-20 Friday night drop-in center at the Northeast Regional Recreation Center that continues to thrive.

"He's the real hero here," Pinder said.

Wini Frye June 21, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Congratulations to all! So nice to see names of several of my former Pine Grove Middle students! Señora Frye


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