Projections Show Overcrowding at Parkville Elementary Schools

A projected rise in student enrollment was one of the subjects discussed at a Tuesday evening Baltimore County Board of Education meeting.

It looks like Parkville area elementary schools, many of which are already overcrowded, will be admitting even more students, according to the most recent projections from the Baltimore County school system.

The school system projections look dire for schools like , which served 537 children in 2011. The number of students is projected to grow to 560 during 2012. By 2014, there could be around 620 students at the school—over a hundred more than the state-mandated capacity of 494 students.

All seven of the elementary schools in Carney, Fullerton, Loch Raven, Overlea and Parkville will be over capacity by 2021. Only two will be even close to meeting their capacity by that year: is projected to have 501 students compared to a capacity of 497; and is projected to have 658 students compared to a capacity of 637.

How does elementary school overcrowding affect students in Parkville and Overlea? What could be done to fix the problem? Tell us in the comments section below.

Oakleigh, , , and elementary schools will each be close to 100 students over capacity within a decade. Even tiny will be more than 60 students over capacity.

The projections presented at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting show an increase in student enrollment throughout the county between 2012 and 2021.

According to a document made public during the board meeting, enrollment projections are one factor in making important administrative decisions.

"Ten-year projections are essential in the planning process for budget, allocating staff, distributing resources, and planning capital projects," the document stated.

The document stressed the importance of accuracy in making the projections and states that in the past they have consistently been 99 percent accurate.

"The increase in our student population is indicative of the economy and the public confidence in BCPS," the document stated.

The projections are attached on this article, and you can view the document in the gallery above.

Janet January 26, 2012 at 01:24 PM
A lot of this has to do with the ethnicity of the families moving into the area, along with increased amount of public housing assistance. And let us not forget the number of children being bused in.


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