White Student Union Moving Forward at Towson U

Matthew Heimbach, interim president of the controversial group, said paperwork to become an official student group will be filed Friday.

The White Student Union is moving ahead with its attempt to gain official recognition as a Towson University student group.

Matthew Heimbach, who is serving as the interim president, said the group still hasn't found a faculty adviser, which is a Towson University requirement.

"We're going to file anyway," he said.

The group believes the requirement is illegal and membership may consider legal action if issues arise, Heimbach said. He claimed that school administrators had pressured faculty against his group.

"The university just doesn't want bad press," he said.

Heimbach, a senior, denied accusations that the White Student Union is racist with an emphatic "of course not."

"The very fact that people think it's racist shows that there is anti-white sentiment out there," he said. "If we were truly in favor of diversity, no one would care."

Despite not yet achieving official status, petitions are already circulating against the White Student Union.

When asked specifically what the group hoped to accomplish, Heimbach said he planned to have speakers on campus, educate and advocate for "white interests."

"We're just looking to do what every other group does," he said.

Heimbach was previously president of the former Youth for Western Civilization, which incited controversy earlier this year after members reportedly scrawled "white pride" in chalk at campus locations. He disputed racist motivations behind that group as well.

"We never did anything that provoked anyone," he said.

Although Towson University has a majority white student population, Heimbach argues there is discrimination and harassment against the race—particularly against white women—on campus. However, he pointed out that white men are also suffering.

"I've heard 'you white boys don't belong here,'" he said. "There is anti-white bias on this campus."

Heimbach said he recognized some of the aggressors as members of the campus' Black Student Union, but said he doesn't condemn the student group as a whole.

"Those were just a few bad apples," he said.

Heimbach urges his detractors to think carefully about racial equality.

"Live up to what you preach," he said. "We're the victims here."

Towson University representatives were not immediately available for comment, although a spokeswoman previously said the school would not comment until paperwork had been filed.

In the campus newspaper The Towerlight on Wednesday, college president Maravene Loeschke addressed the controversy.

"The exchange of opinions and debate is a core principle of higher education and is supported by Towson's commitment to the First Amendment," she wrote in a statement. "Unfortunately, this freedom on occasion allows for ideas that are offensive and hurtful to many and runs against the grain of the values of Towson University."

RARE MARYLAND INDEPENDENT September 22, 2012 at 03:39 AM
I don't think the students at the University even care. It certainly makes sense if there is a Black Student Union, or a Latino Student Union, there should be allowed a White Student Union. I believe Blacks and Latinos have more pressing things on their plates than 10 kids forming a White Student Union. Looking at test scores, and graduation rates in minority communities, this should be the least of their worries. I am disapointed at the faculty at Towson, I do believe one of the teachers (perhaps a black teacher) should step up - purely out of the concept of free speech, in order to continue dialog. This dialog is what separates us from Middle Eastern countries.
Bill September 24, 2012 at 08:39 PM
A White Student Union has a much in common "free speech" and "diversity" as lingerie football does with the NFL. It is mindless futility masquerading as something larger.
tommy_sobo September 27, 2012 at 07:49 PM
So let me get this straight... NAACP: OK NAAWP: NOT OK Miss Black America: OK Miss White America: NOT OK Black Student Union: OK White Student Union: NOT OK Black History Month: OK White History Month: Not OK Black Entertainment Televsion: OK White Entertainment Television: NOT OK Anyone else notice the trend here? Just sayin'
tommy_sobo September 27, 2012 at 08:14 PM
I'm gonna bet you voted for that Kenyan we have in office...
Chillin November 05, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Tommy, I've noticed on these threads that when someone brings up truthful realities as you have in your post that all dialogue stops. It's like the the rosy glasses on the faces of liberals all of a sudden turn to crystal clear lenses and they have to move onto reading a different article switching back over to their rose tinted glasses. Keep spreading the truth. BTW, no sarcasm is planted in my comment. I totally agree with your comment.


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