Local Gymgoers Look To Show 'Art and Strength' At Komen Walk

Students and instructors at Fullerton's Art & Strength are raising money for the Susan G. Komen Walk For The Cure in a unique way.

This weekend folks from all over the Baltimore area will converge in Hunt Valley to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research at the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure.

Students and instructors from one local gym are taking their commitment one step further: so far, eight regulars at Fullerton's Art & Strength have registered to carry a total of 647 pounds as they walk one mile with a kettlebell in each hand.

The exercise, called a farmer's walk, is meant to mirror a farmer carrying buckets of water.

Dan Cenidoza, the gym's owner and 2007 winner of the Maryland's Strongest Man competition, will try to carry a 106 pound kettlebell in each hand as he completes a 1-mile walk.

Not sure what a kettlebell is? Check out the video attached to this article.

"The idea was suggested by a student, actually," Cenidoza said. "She's been doing [the Komen Race] for years."

Back in August, students at Art & Strength carried weights as they walked a half-mile from the gym's former location to it's new space at 8019 Belair Road.

"I sort of jokingly suggested it," Cenidoza said. "The students were into it, and ever since then it's just become a part of our workout."

The group of students, called Team Stronger, is hoping they can raise one dollar for the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure for each pound they carry.

Cenidoza said that Team Stronger is also looking for volunteers who can help members put pink ribbons on the weights they'll carry the night before the Oct. 21 race.

Anyone interested in volunteering can call 410-657-2307 or email artandstrength@gmail.com.

Donald Spitz October 19, 2012 at 02:35 AM
People give Susan G. Komen money to fight breast cancer and Susan G. Komen gives some of that donated money to the babykillers at Planned Parenthood. I don't think people who give money to Susan G. Komen to fight breast cancer, know their money is going to an abortion organization that kills unborn babies.


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