Raven Mad: Family Talks Ravens Reaction Viral Video

A video of the man reacting to the Ravens win was posted by his wife and went viral.

Keith Letourneau said he wasn't on drugs.

He might have had a drink or two in the first half Sunday, but his reactions to the Ravens' win in Denver were purely natural for the emotional Bel Air resident, he and wife Rachel said in a radio interview Wednesday morning.

"He’s always intense and loud when watching a Ravens game for sure," Rachel Letourneau said in an interview on 105.7 The Fan Wednesday. "But this was the first time he was acting like he needed to go into Sheppard Pratt."   

In the interview with 105.7 The Fan, Letourneau said she saw her husband getting excited in the first half of Saturday's AFC Division playoff game.

So she did what any smart wife would do: she video taped his antics and posted it on YouTube. From there, sports websites picked up on the clips, and the series went viral.

"I had no idea. I didn’t start recording until after halftime because I saw this crazy reaction to the first half," she said on The Norris and Davis Show.

Check out the videos included with this post to see Letourneau react to Ravens touchdowns and interceptions. As of Wednesday morning, the three clips had more than 300,000 views combined.

TELL US: How did you react to the win? Leave a comment.

Do you have video of the reaction where you watched the game? Share it by posting here.


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