DPW: 'Don't Swim in the Reservoirs'

The Department of Public Works has issued a reminder that swimming in the reservoir is dangerous and against the law.

There is perhaps no greater feeling than jumping into a refreshing pool of water, taking a swim on a hot summer day. Just don't do it in one of the city's three raw-water reservoirs.

The Department of Public Works recently sent out a reminder that swimming in , Liberty or Prettyboy reservoirs is illegal and dangerous. 

"Reservoirs, however, are not safe for swimming and doing so can lead to tragedy," reads a release. "Temperatures in the deep waters drop quickly and diving into them may lead to hypothermia. In addition there are very rapid drop-offs, currents, hidden rocks and branches."

Three young men died from drowning in separate incidents in 2011 over a six-week span, the release states.

A 24-year-old Middle River man had to be just this past weekend.

Swimmers caught in the water will be charged with trespassing and could face a $1,000 fine. In 2011, 1,376 warnings and 222 citations were issued for swimming.


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